Music - Course of Study

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MU 101 The History of Jazz (H)
MU 102 The History and Development of Rock (H)
MU 103 Early Survey of Musical Styles (H)
MU 104 Late Survey of Musical Styles (H) 
MU 111 The Life and Music of George Gershwin (H) 
MU 112 The Music of Black Americans (H) 
MU 113 Introduction to Piano and the Elements of Music (A)
MU 120 The History of American Song (H) 
MU 122 World Music History and Ensemble (H) 
MU 123 A Survey of Piano Music (H) 
MU 124 Bach and Beethoven (H) 
MU 125 Women in Music (H) 
MU 126 History of Choral Music (H) 
MU 150 Music Theory and Composition I (A)
MU 155 Jazz Theory, Keyboard Harmony, and Improvisation (A) 
MU 156 Introduction to MIDI and Music Software (A) 
MU 157 Introduction to the Music Industry (A) 
MU 158 Introduction to Recording Techniques (A) 
MU 201 Critical Issues in American Popular Music: Blues to Hip Hop (H) 
MU 202/FM 202 Digital Audio Workstation (A) 
MU 220 Basic Conducting (A) 
MU 242 Music of the Classical Era (H) 
MU 243 19th-Century Romanticism in Music (H) 
MU 244 Music of the 20th Century (H) 
MU 245/FM 245 Survey of Film Music - "Hearing the Movies" (H) 
MU 250 Music Theory and Composition II (A) 
MU 294 Music Industry: Principles and Practices (A) 
MU 300 Independent Study in Music (H)(A)
MU 301 Independent Study in Music Theory (A) 
MU 305 Performing Arts Management Internship (A) 
MU 310-311 Senior Capstone Project 
MU 360 Elementary General Music Methods (A) 
MU 361 Choral Conducting Methods (A) 
MU 362 Secondary Instrumental Methods (A) 
MU 363 Music Technology for Music Educators (A)

Performance Ensembles

MU 55 Pep Band (A) 
MU 255 Symphony Orchestra (A) 
MU 256 Jazz Ensemble (A) 
MU 257 Chamber Singers (A)