Modern Languages and Literatures - From Classroom to Career Freshman Year

cas_flag_freshmanAcademic Advising

Use your academic advisor and the peer advising program to explore Modern Languages and Literature, plus other potential majors, minors, programs and courses. We offer courses and/or programs in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.ctc_mll_fresh_1

Dream Job
What is your "dream job" after graduation? What are you passionate about? Talk to your faculty advisor and other mentors. As an MLL major, how can you use your time at Fairfield to prepare for it through class work, internships, volunteer activities, summer jobs, leadership positions with clubs and organizations, and other relevant out of class experiences?

Study Abroad
Start planning now for your opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture and language is essential. Talk to your faculty advisor.ctc_mll_fresh_2

My language professors at Fairfield have inspired me so much that I am majoring in French and minoring in German. I find that languages are a natural complement to my academic interests. I never thought that I could have progressed so much in my two years of language studies! I look forward to spending my junior year studying in both France and Germany. -Shawn Hassett, Major: French; Minor: German

Look at Related Fields
Some MLL majors also do work in English, Psychology, International Studies, and International Business. Other students look at interdisciplinary minors like Asian Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and Italian Studies, plus the Eurasia Project. Talk to your advisor about these and other options.

Languages are the most invaluable gift that Fairfield has to offer. With careful combination with an additional major or minor, the possibilities are endless. I double majored at Fairfield in the Italian Language, and Classical Music. I'm now at the Juilliard School of Music studying under Maestro La Selva, director of the New York Grand Opera. The combination of Italian and Music has opened me up to an art form first hand that I could not have experienced in the absence of knowing a foreign language. - Ralph Belvedere; Italian; graduate school, Julliard School of Musicctc_mll_fresh_3

Language Center
Check out the Culpeper Language Resource Center, which provides a multimedia environment of hardware, software, and learning resources that aim to facilitate and promote the study of languages and their cultures.

What To Do With an MLL Degree
Do some Internet research at sites like The Guardian

As of July 2012, I have been working for the Italian design company, Diesel, at their location on Fifth Avenue in New York City. My extensive knowledge of the Italian language and culture that I have acquired throughout my time at Fairfield has given me this opportunity. I engage with Italian customers as well as members of headquarters on a daily basis. I have learned not only about Diesel's designs, but also about the company's inspiration from the Italian homeland. I get to speak Italian every day and my knowledge of the language has grown since I started working for Diesel. - Lauren DiBartolomeo '12; Italian; now with Italian design company, Diesel, in New York City

Information Fair
MLL is always represented at the Majors/Minors Information Fair. If you are considering our program, come by and say hi.

MLL Clubs
Students with related language and cultural interests meet through these clubs. See the department chair for details.

  • Italian Club: The Italian Club celebrates the riches of Italian culture including its language, art, food, theater and music. Members meet on campus for events as well as travel to New York to attend performances, tour Little Italy, and visit museums.
  • French Club: Students in the French Club participate in a variety of activities focused on the language and culture of France and Francophone countries. The club sponsors events both on campus and in the surrounding community.
  • Asian Student Association (ASA) - ASA seeks to spread the awareness of Asian culture on campus. Through various cultural activities and events, such as a Japanese Fall Festival and Chinese New Year, the club hopes to broaden the diversity of the University. Members of ASA participate in activities such as organizing and setting up for these events, visiting Chinatown in New York City, watching Asian films, and cooking traditional food, among other things. Members discuss issues of young Asian and Asian Americans who seek to better understand their cultural identities.
  • German Club - The German Club's goal is to speak German and learn and experience German, Swiss, and Austrian culture on and off campus.
  • Spanish American Latino Student Association (SALSA) - The purpose of SALSA is to unite Latinos of all backgrounds, but at the same time infusing Spanish heritage into the Fairfield community.
  • Umoja (African American and Caribbean Student Association) - Umoja's purpose is to create, stimulate, and maintain cultural activities on campus, focusing on the African American and Caribbean cultures. Umoja also maintains a commitment to the political and social welfare of its members.

ctc_mll_fresh_4Honor Society

Come and meet students with similar interests. Fairfield University hosts a chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Foreign Language Honorary Society. It was founded in 1931 with the purposes of recognizing students' achievement in the field of foreign language study; stimulating a desire for linguistic achievement; encouraging a continuing interest in the study of foreign languages, literature and civilizations; and fostering sympathetic understanding of other peoples and international friendship.

Alpha Mu Gamma is the official sponsor of National Foreign Language Week. More than 350 charters have been granted to chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico. Chapters are found both in state and private universities and in public and private colleges. Talk to the department chair for details.

Seek Out the Experts

I would also recommend that students attend lectures by prominent members of their major field. Meeting authors, professors, and other esteemed people can help students network and learn more about their major. These engagements are set up by Fairfield professors to help students, so students would be foolish not to take advantage of them. Lecturers have a great deal of information to offer to students and are usually more than happy to help students that are genuinely interested and want to learn .- Lauren DiBartolomeo '12; Italian; now with Italian design company, Diesel, in New York City

Life After Fairfield
With the broad liberal education that all Fairfield students acquire, plus command of a foreign language, modern language majors have launched their careers in a wide range of organizations and enterprises. International corporations headquartered in New York City and Fairfield County have sought out recent graduates who are familiar with a European or Asian language and culture.

Banks, airlines, investment companies, and travel agencies are among the employers of recent graduates. Some alumni have gone into secondary teaching or have opted for work with social service agencies. Others have gone on to graduate or professional study, such as business and law schools, and various Ph.D. programs. A number of language majors have received Fulbright grants to teach or conduct research overseas.

Talk to your faculty advisor and professors now about how to act now and prepare for your chosen career path.

That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to 
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