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‌Mathematics Center
 and Tutoring Opportunities

The Mathematics Center hires some of our stronger mathematics students as tutors. In addition, the department keeps a list of students who are interested in doing private tutoring, often outside of the University. If you are interested in either opportunity, contact the department chair.

Talk to your faculty advisor and start planning now for potential internships as a senior. Think about "trying out" a career, gaining work experience, marketable skills, potential mentors, and a competitive edge. Look for potential matches with an internship with your career.

ctc_math_soph_facultyFaculty Advising

Use your faculty advisor and peer advising to choose the best courses, given your interest. Be prepared for your annual meetings.

Honors Program
Qualified mathematics students participate in the Honors Program at Fairfield University and students with an exceptional academic record of achievement have the opportunity to be elected to the country's premier honor society and Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honor society.

math_ctc_soph2REU Program

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs are opportunities for undergraduate students nationwide to participate in original research, working together in small student cohorts in close consultation with faculty mentors. Available at a select number of educational institutions around the country, these summer programs are funded in part by the National Science Foundation. Grants include housing and a stipend. Although students generally wait until the summer between junior and senior years to take part in an REU, talented sophomores should consider applying.

We encourage interested Fairfield students to apply to a number of REUs in order to gain experience and form contacts at other institutions, but Fairfield's Mathematics and Computer Science REU Program brings together talented undergraduates from both inside and outside the University, and several Fairfield students have done original research work with Fairfield faculty mentors in our REU. Our program has run each summer since 2011, and we are applying to renew our current grant through 2018. Contact Dr. Shawn Rafalski for more information.

math_ctc_soph3Keep Dreaming

What happens after Fairfield? What would be your "dream job" - and how do you get there? Talk to your advisor. Survey information indicates that the majority of Fairfield graduates take their interest in mathematics to a higher level. Graduates of recent years have earned advanced degrees from such institutions as the University of California at Santa Barbara, Columbia University, Cornell University, the University of Maryland, New York University, North Carolina State University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Line Up References
Start to look for 3+ professors in mathematics and elsewhere who might serve as professional references for you. Discuss your future plans with them and ask for guidance. Stay in touch with them so they can write and speak about your successes in an informed way.

Colloquium Series
The department runs a very successful colloquium series, offering about three talks each semester. Talks generally are given at a level that a sophomore major would be able to understand. These can be very entertaining and, more importantly, very informative, offering a glimpse into the world of mathematics.

Life After Fairfield

ctc_math_soph4The skills of mathematicians are crucial to many business, nonprofit, and government operations. Graduates who have majored in mathematics are employed in a wide range of professional fields. Many have made their careers in the insurance industry, beginning as actuaries. Teaching is a popular option, with a number of students seeking secondary school opportunities. Mathematicians are, of course, much in demand for computer-related work where their analytic skills are highly prized. Survey information indicates that the majority of Fairfield graduates take their interest in mathematics to a higher level. Graduates of recent years have earned advanced degrees from such institutions as Cornell, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and New York University. Talk to your faculty advisor and professors about your career path and how to best prepare for it.

That's just the start. Take a look at this career information
from other University offices that we think is also valuable to majors.

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