Mathematics - Course of Study

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MA 10: Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MA 11: Precalculus
MA 17: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MA 19: Introduction to Calculus
MA 119: Applied Calculus I
MA 120: Applied Calculus II
MA 145: Calculus I: Chemistry, Engineering and Physics Majors
MA 146: Calculus II: Chemistry, Engineering and Physics Majors
MA 151: Functional Programming
MA 211: Applied Matrix Theory
MA 217: Accelerated Statistics
MA 221: Applied Calculus III
MA 245: Calculus III: Chemistry, Engineering and Physics Majors
MA 251: Ordinary Differential Equations
MA 332: Partial Differential Equations

Mathematics Courses for Majors and Other Interested and Qualified Students 

MA 151: Functional Programming
MA 171: Calculus I
MA 172: Calculus II
MA 231: Discrete Mathematics
MA 235: Linear Algebra
MA 273: Multivariable Calculus
MA 300: Topics in Discrete Mathematics
MA 331: Applied Mathematics
MA 332: Partial Differential Equations
MA 334: Abstract Algebra
MA 337: Number Theory
MA 342: Theory of Computation
MA 351: Probability Theory
MA 352: Mathematical Statistics
MA 354: Actuarial Problem Solving
MA 361: Topics in Algebra
MA 371: Real Analysis
MA 373: Complex Analysis
MA 377: Numerical Analysis
MA 383: Modern Geometry
MA 385: Point Set Topology
MA 390/391: Honors Seminar
MA 395: Special Topics in Mathematics
MA 397/398: Internship in Mathematics
MA 399: Independent Study in Mathematics