Mathematics - Course of Study

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MA 10 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MA 11 Precalculus
MA 17 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MA 19 Introduction to Calculus
MA 119 Applied Calculus I
MA 120 Applied Calculus II
MA 145 Calculus I: Chemistry, Engineering and Physics Majors
MA 146 Calculus II: Chemistry, Engineering and Physics Majors
MA 151 Functional Programming
MA 211 Applied Matrix Theory
MA 217 Accelerated Statistics
MA 221 Applied Calculus III
MA 245 Calculus III: Chemistry, Engineering and Physics Majors
MA 251 Ordinary Differential Equations
MA 332 Partial Differential Equations

Mathematics Courses for Majors and Other Interested and Qualified Students 

MA 151 Functional Programming
MA 171 Calculus I
MA 172 Calculus II
MA 231 Discrete Mathematics
MA 235 Linear Algebra
MA 273 Multivariable Calculus
MA 300 Topics in Discrete Mathematics
MA 331 Applied Mathematics
MA 332 Partial Differential Equations
MA 334 Abstract Algebra
MA 337 Number Theory
MA 342 Theory of Computation
MA 351 Probability Theory
MA 352 Mathematical Statistics
MA 354 Actuarial Problem Solving
MA 361 Topics in Algebra
MA 371 Real Analysis
MA 373 Complex Analysis
MA 377 Numerical Analysis
MA 383 Modern Geometry
MA 385 Point Set Topology
MA 390/391 Honors Seminar
MA 395 Special Topics in Mathematics
MA 397/398 Internship in Mathematics
MA 399 Independent Study in Mathematics