Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Fairfield University's commitment to a humanistic perspective and to the concept of social justice requires that Fairfield students be introduced to the "other" Americans who inhabit this hemisphere. The vibrant cultures of the Caribbean and Central and South American nations - which blend indigenous, European, and African influences - provide a rich field of study that can be approached from many points of view. Fairfield's minor program in Latin American and Caribbean studies offers a humanistic perspective on the people of these countries, their customs, their politics, art, and civilization.

  • Experience a world of infinite diversity
  • Expand your classroom learning
  • Transform your vision of the world
  • Become involved in community work and research

‌The Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the multifaceted aspects of the Latin American and Caribbean countries, including the political and economical involvement of the United States. Some of the themes considered in the courses offered in the program include:

  • The pre-Columbian indigenous cultures
  • The systems of African slavery
  • Economic dependency
  • 20th-century revolutions in politics
  • Literature
  • The arts
  • The churches
  • The reassertion of negritude and Indian rights

You may choose this program for its own inherent interest or to enhance a major in Spanish, politics, economics, history, sociology and anthropology, or fine arts. Latin American and Caribbean studies bundles together a strong array of courses on the nations and people of the Americas that are offered in all the above fields.

The faculty also encourage you to:

The Bailey Family Nicaragua Fund
Each year, the Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies grants financial support through the Bailey Family Nicaragua Fund to a select group of students engaging in study in Latin America. The grants range in value from $500 to $2,500 and were established in 2007 through the generosity of Mr. Carl Bailey. The grants can contribute to the expenses of any of the following: travel, accommodation, and other expenses related to an approved project. Deadline for applications is at the end of April each year. click here.

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