Irish Studies


For a 15-credit minor in Irish Studies, students:

Complete five three-credit courses including one of the following:

  • EN 161 Irish Literature, HI 215 History of Ireland, Middle Ages to the Present, or HI 315 Irish History from the Famine to the Present.
  • Those who choose EN 161 may take up to two additional English courses and must take the remaining two courses in different fields.
  • Those choosing HI 215 or HI 315 may take up to three additional courses in English, with the remaining course in a field other than English or history.
  • Notes: Subject to the Irish Studies Program Director's approval, students may apply up to 9 credit hours taken while studying abroad in Ireland during the fall or spring semesters toward the minor's requirements. English credits earned (as EN 369) during Fairfield University's two-week Galway Summer Experience at the National University of Ireland, Galway may be counted as EN 161.

While studying abroad is not required for completion of the Irish studies minor, students are encouraged to do so.


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