International Studies - From Classroom to Career Senior Year


Capstone Courses / Independent Study 
Use the Capstone Course to integrate what you have learned, reflect upon how you have grown at Fairfield, and consider where your path will lead you next. The course also is usually a chance to also sharpen research skills, strengthen any Portfolio, and make fresh connections among courses and experiences.

Model UNctc_intl_sr_1

Model UN is a unique club which combines politics, culture, diplomacy, research, and public speaking. In preparation for the conferences, students research their country's culture, economics, history, geography and politics. Students must also pay close attention to current events. The major challenge of this club is to stop looking at everything as an American and to view situations through another country's eyes. As a result, students gain a greater appreciation and understanding of other cultures as well as their own.

The Fairfield team annually participates in several Model UN conferences and hosts an annual conference for High School students. At these conferences, students participate in simulations mimicking the UN General Assembly, or other similar multilateral bodies, at which they are faced by issues of global importance. Participating students will represent a country or position in an international arena through debate, writing draft resolutions, and negotiating with allies and adversaries.

Model UN provides a great perspective on the reality of international affairs and the international governance system. The Fairfield University team is an active member of the Fairfield University community, hosting events and meetings throughout the academic year.

Service Learning Associates
Housed in the Office of Service Learning, the Service Learning Associates (SLA) program engages 8 to 10 undergraduates each semester as student leaders to their peers in service-learning courses. Each Associate works intensively with one professor to support a service-learning course which aligns with the Associate's academic background and interests. The Associates meet regularly with both faculty and fellow Associates throughout the semester and attend professional development trainings facilitated by the Office of Service Learning. Contact Karen Parkinson, Program Coordinator.ctc_intl_sr_2

I love being able to combine my passion for social justice with my classroom experiences, which allows us to truly make our studies applicable to real world situations.

- Melissa Hannequin '13; majors in International Studies and Sociology; Minors in Peace & Justice, Anthropology, and Black Studies

Start to narrow your interests and look for ways to use classwork, internships, summer work and potential independent studies to further your interest.

Grad School
Talk to your faculty advisor or a favorite professor about possible graduate school work in IS.

Final Internship
Use your final internship(s) to try out careers, sharpen your resume and cover letter, develop a portfolio, make contacts, and take classroom skills and apply to real world.ctc_intl_sr_3

Line Up References 
Finalize 3+ professors from International Studies and elsewhere who might serve as professional references for you. Discuss your future plans with them and ask for guidance.

Fulbright Tradition
More than 60 Fairfield University graduating seniors have been awarded a Fulbright - a year-long scholarship that supports post-graduate study, research, work, or teaching in another country. Established in 1946 by Congress, this government-sponsored program funds the studies and research of more than 1,450 U.S. graduating college seniors, graduate students, young professionals, and artists in over 155 foreign countries annually. 

That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to International Studies majors.


International Studies career activities by class year

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