History - From Classroom to Career Senior Year


Capstone Courses / Independent Study 
Use the Capstone Course to integrate what you have learned, reflect upon how you have grown at Fairfield, and anticipate where your path will lead you next. The course also is usually a chance to also sharpen research skills, strengthen any Portfolio, and make fresh connections among courses and experiences.ctc_his_sr_1

Line Up References 
Finalize 3+ professors from History and elsewhere who might serve as professional references for you. Discuss your future plans with them and ask for guidance.‌

Final Internship
Use your final internship(s) to try out careers, sharpen your resume and cover letter, develop a portfolio, make contacts, and take classroom skills and apply them to the real world. Positions are available at the local, state and national government levels, plus with nonprofit organizations.

History Club
Step up and become a leader in the campus club that provides an outlet for individuals interested in history and creates programming for the campus community. Hear guest talks by faculty, students and alumni. Take part in field trips and career advice sessions. See department chair for details on meetings dates and times.

Start to narrow your interests and look for ways to use classwork, internships, summer work and potential independent studies to further your interest.

ctc_his_sr_2My capstone project was an in-depth analysis of the scientific transmission that occurred as a result of the work of the Jesuit missionaries during their mission in the Late Ming and early Qing dynasties. For part of the project, I gave a relatively brief overview of why the transmission occurred in the very first place. Afterward, I examined the varied array of western scientific knowledge that the Jesuit missionaries introduced to China, which ranged from western astronomy to the most modern innovations in European artillery. Having covered all of this, I then examined the various results and impacts of the transmission, which were likewise quite varied themselves. 
-Geoffrey Staysniak '10; History


That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to History majors.


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