Career night: English majors

On April 7, 2014, the English Department Alumni Career event invited four successful alumni who majored in English to campus to describe their experiences in getting a job and finding a career after graduation.  

Moderated by Drs. Peter Bayers and Emily Orlando, our panelists were Michael J. Feeley '99, who works at AOL Advertising; Mark F. Basso '07, a double major in English and film and new media studies, who works at Marvel Enterprises; Amanda L. Teti '07, an English major in professional writing and a major in art history, who writes grants for Junior Achievement of Southwest New England; and Jennifer L. Nolte '03, an English major who works at the Yale University Library. 

1. New media and job opportunities: The panelists discuss the impact of new media on job opportunities, including the ways being an English major prepared them to adapt to digital communication. 

2. Resume recommendations: The panelists recommend how to craft and specify a resume to make the most out of one's credentials. Studying the needs of each company is important to present a customized approach and make the most of  your talents.

3. Experiences as a student: The panelists discuss their experiences as students at Fairfield University—their challenges and goals as undergraduates.  They explore the individual paths they took within the English major that led  to a productive, exciting career.  Four former students describe how their education led to seeing their dreams "come together," as one panelist said. 

4. Dream job vs. current job: Our panelists explore how "real" world meets "dream job," and they describe how the paths they took after graduation led them to understand what they truly love to do. 

5. Advice to current majors: The panelists offer advice to current undergraduate students, including taking internships, networking with other Fairfield alumni, and using alumni chapter events to discover new job opportunities. Practicing job skills, developing technical abilities, and using research and creative projects allow graduates to distinguish themselves in a competitive job market. 

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