English - Internships

The internship course - available to English majors and minors during the fall, spring, or summer semesters - is designed to provide students with supervised on-the-job training related to their academic and professional interests. Internship opportunities are available in journalism, public relations, business writing, book and magazine publishing, grant writing, English education, event planning, and many other professional fields. Internships allow students the opportunity to earn academic credits towards an English major or minor, as well as gain new skills and insights, a collection of writing samples, professional references, and perhaps contacts for future employment. The goal is to improve students' writing and professional skills while helping them prepare to compete more effectively in the job market.

Eligibility for an English Internship

To be eligible for a 3-credit internship in the Department of English, students must be:

  • A major or minor with junior or senior status
  • In good academic standing (at least a 2.8 overall Grade Point Average is preferred)
  • Approved by the internship director before registering for academic credit

Students are expected to work for the host organization 12-15 hours per week, equivalent to at least 120 hours during the semester, and attend scheduled meetings and workshops on campus. All academic requirements are outlined on the course syllabus, distributed to students on the first day of class.

Fairfield University will accept up to 6 academic credits for internships; students can apply 3 credits toward their English major or minor, and 3 credits as a general elective towards graduation. Some internship opportunities are available during summer months and/or in conjunction with students' plans for study abroad.

Arranging an Internship

Students who are interested in earning academic credit for an internship must meet with the internship director during the semester prior to potential off-campus placement. The application process for some internship sites may be highly competitive, so students should plan well ahead and seek guidance from the director. Make an appointment now!

Internship DIrector

Dr. Betsy Bowen
DMH 105