Literature and Cultural Studies (LCS) A New Concentration for Majors and Minors



The Literature and Cultural Studies concentration is designed for students 
interested in a rich and stimulating study of literature.


You might consider an LCS Concentration if you are interested in reading and
writing about great literary works, planning on teaching in a secondary school,
intending to combine the study of literature with other disciplines, or
pursuing a graduate degree in English.




Courses will address such questions as the following:

  • How does literature enrich our understanding of culture and society?
  • How do media studies, popular culture, and other disciplines intersect with literary studies?
  • How do concepts such as race, gender, class, power, ideology, and the body inform texts?
  • What do philosophy and literary theory offer us in the study of literary works?


The requirements for the Literature and Cultural Studies concentration include:

Introductory Courses

cas_eng_lcs_bStudents take all of the following:

One EN course at the 200 or 300 level

One EN/W course

One EN course cross-listed with an Interdisciplinary Program (e.g., Program on the Environment, 
Peace and Justice Studies, Black Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Women's Studies)

Specialized Courses

Students take one of the following:

EN 351     Introduction to Literary Theory

EN 352      Introduction to Cultural Studies


Capstone Experience

Students write a faculty-guided research project either in a 300-level course or an independent study that produces a 20-page paper.



Please consult the University Catalog for a fuller description of the concentration or come to an English Department information session.



Talk to Prof. Petrino, the department's director of literature: