English - Course of Study

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Students majoring in English 

1. Introductory Core Courses

EN 11 Texts and Contexts I: Writing As Craft and Inquiry 
EN 12 Texts and Contexts II: Writing About Literature

2. Literature Courses

For a table of Literature Courses, Areas, and Historical Periods, click here: Literature Courses and Areas

3. Writing Courses

EN/W 200 Creative Writing
EN/W 202 Creative Writing: Poetry I 
EN/W 204 Creative Writing: Drama 
EN/W 205 Creative Writing: Fiction I 
EN/W 206 Creative Writing: Nonfiction I
EN/W 214 Professional Presentations: Writing and Delivery 
EN/W 220 News Writing 
EN/W 221 Digital Journalism 
EN/W 222 Journalism Editing and Design 
EN/W 290 Writing and Responding 
EN/W 295 Composition and Style 
EN/W 302 Creative Writing: Poetry II 
EN/W 305 Creative Writing: Fiction II
EN/W 311 Advanced Composition for Secondary School Teachers
EN/W 317 Traditional and Structural Grammar 
EN/W 320 Writing the Feature Story 
EN/W 323 Photojournalism I 
EN/W 327 Photojournalism II: Documenting The Community 
EN/W 329 Issues in News Writing
EN/W 330 Literary Journalism 
EN/W 332 Business Writing 
EN/W 335 Technical Writing 
EN/W 336 Issues in Professional Writing 
EN/W 338 Persuasive Writing 
EN/W 339 Grant and Proposal Writing
EN/W 340 The World of Publishing 
EN/W 345/346 Fall/Spring English Internship 
EN/W 347/348 Fall/Spring Independent Writing Project 
EN/W 350 Special Topics: Writing
EN/W 397 Journalism Practicum