Education - Course of Study

Below is a sample of courses offered to teacher education candidates during their undergraduate years. Specific course requirements will vary depending on certification area. See Education course descriptions from our catalog for more information

ED 200 Explorations in Education: Introduction to Teaching, Learning and Schooling
ED 241 Educational Psychology
ED 329 Philosophy of Education: An Introduction 
ED 350 Special Learners in the Mainstream
ED 381 Directed Observation and Supervised Student Teaching
ED 382 Student Teaching Seminar
MD 300 Introduction to Educational Technology

Graduate courses available for Undergraduates enrolled in the 5-year Bachelors-Masters Degree programs in Teacher Education

ED 431 Extending Literacy in the Elementary Grades
ED 459 Developmental Reading in the Secondary School
EN 411 Teaching Writing in the 3-11 Classroom
EN 417 Traditional & Structural Grammar
ED 447 Learning Mathematics in the Elementary Classroom
ED 462 Science Methods
ED 464 Mathematics Methods
ED 466 Special Methods in Secondary School English
ED 468 Social Studies/History Methods
SL 441 Teaching and Learning within Multicultural Contexts of Education
SL 467 Language Acquisition

Additional 400-level and graduate teacher education course listings are available in the GSEAP website. If a student has completed all requirements for an undergraduate degree, while an undergraduate, on a space available basis, the student with the permission of the chair of Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation may complete up to two graduate courses for graduate credit.