Economics - Government Agencies

IMF (International Monetary Fund)


International monetary data, country studies, exchange rates.

World Bank

cas_econ_worldbankDevelopment indicators.

WTO (World Trade Organization)


International trade, tariffs, and other barriers to trade.

Economic Report of the President


Production, employment, prices, and government finance. Note: Data in the appendix tables are downloadable as Excel files.

ALFRED (Acrhival Federal Reserve Economic Data)


Vintage versions of data available on specific dates in history.

U.S. Census Bureau


Demographic, social, economic, and housing data.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Image: BEA

U.S. Economic Accounts including GDP, real GDP, and input-output tables.

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)

Image: FRB

Database of over 3,000 U.S. economic time series.

Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research

Image: Fraser

Links to scanned publications and documents that contain historical data.

U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics


Unemployment rate, CPI, wages, productivity.

National Bureau of Economic Research


Business cycle dates.