Economics - From Classroom to Career Junior Year

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The majority of students majoring in economics find employment before graduation. Financial and service institutions have been the most popular sources of entry-level jobs. Other graduates have started out with hospital and government agencies, gone into teaching at primary and secondary levels, entered management-training programs at Fortune 500 firms, and continued their studies in graduate or professional schools, including business and law.

ctc_econ_jr_1Our alumni list of placements upon graduation include American Express, American Skandia, Bank of America, The Bank of New York, Chubb & Son, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Edward Jones, Environmental Data Resources, FDIC, Fidelity Investments, Gabelli Asset Management Company, GE (FMP), GE (IMLP), People's United Bank, Peterson Consulting LP, The Walt Disney Company, and Watson Wyatt & Company.

Talk to your faculty advisor about how to maximize your chances of getting such an opportunity.

Look for three professors, in and out of the department, who can speak about your successes in an informed way.

Supervised Research
Talk to favorite professors about possible supervised research projects you might do in your area of interest, in the summer or during the school year. On-campus summer housing is available.

Graduate Work

ctc_econ_jr_2Some of our alumni pursue graduate work in either law or economics. We have placed students in such graduate programs in economics as Boston College, Brown University, Duke University, Fordham University, John Hopkins University, University of Connecticut, University of Indiana, University of Iowa, University of North Carolina, University of Virginia, and the University of Wisconsin. Talk to your faculty advisor about your interests.

Independent Studies
Interested in a research area but can't find the right course in the catalog? Talk to a faculty member or department chair about a possible independent study.


Talk to your faculty advisor about the two internships for credit that are allowed at Fairfield. Remember that summer jobs, not for credit, can be just as useful in gaining experience and building a resume.

CAS Awards
Economics has department awards for outstanding students every spring; they are honored at the College of Arts and Sciences award night in April. Attend the event and look for projects that might earn you this honor. With your faculty advisor, gain experience in entering such a competition and learn how to effectively package and present your work-and yourself. Non-seniors are often singled out for their great work.

That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to Economics majors.


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