Economics - Course of Study

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EC 11 Introduction to Microeconomics
EC 12 Introduction to Macroeconomics
EC 112 Economic Aspects of Current Social Problems
EC 114 The Economics of Race, Class, and Gender in the American Workplace
EC 120 Environmental Economics
EC 125 Global Competition and Competitiveness
EC 130 Haiti: An Economic Perspective
EC 140 Health Economics
EC 152 Economics of Sports
EC 185 Regional Economic Development
EC 204 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
EC 204L Intermediate Microeconomic Theory Lab
EC 205 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
EC 205L Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory Lab
EC 210 Money and Banking
EC 220 Issues in Economic Policy
EC 224 Labor Economics and Labor Relations
EC 225 Environmental Economics: Tools and Techniques Applied to U.S. Policy
EC 230 Comparative Economic Systems: Asian Economies 
EC 231 International Trade
EC 233 International Economic Policy and Finance
EC 235 Economic Development of Third World Nations
EC 245 Antitrust and Regulation
EC 246 Law and Economics
EC 250 Industrial Organization
EC 252 Urban Economics 
EC 265 Distribution of Income and Poverty in America
EC 273 History of Economic Thought
EC 275 Managerial Economics
EC 276 Public Finance
EC 278 Statistics
EC 290 Mathematical Economics
EC 298 Independent Study
EC 299 Internship
EC 306 Business Cycles and Economic Forecasting
EC 320 Financial Markets and Institutions
EC 380 Econometrics
EC 398 Senior Seminar