Fall/Spring Internships

Fairfield's proximity to New York City, as well as the availability of transportation alternatives to get there, such as the MetroNorth Commuter train, make it possible for our internship program to offer a wide variety of options and experiences for students

Information about the internship program in Pr and Comm is available on this Internship Handout that can be downloaded and printed for your reference. If you have questions about what kind of internship you would like to do, or how you go about finding an internship, check out the Tips for Finding an Internship in Communication or PR document.

Students are also encouraged to browse through the Stags4Hire internship database. This database represents only a small fraction of the internships available in the Fairfield County area and New York City throughout the year. Students should also search the web sites of companies they are specifically interested in as many organizations post internships directly on their web sites.

This database should be the start of your search, but not the only place you search. Please contact the Department Internship Coordinator or Fairfield University's office of Career Planning for more assistance. Once you have located an internship, please download and complete the Internship Agreement Form. Once you return this completed form to the Internship Coordinator, you will be automatically enrolled in the class.

You do not register for Fall or Spring internship when you sign up for the rest of your classes. Registration for Fall Internships generally happens in late September and for Spring internships in mid-February. Information about the Internship class will be provided by the Internship Coordinator at the start of the semester. During Fall and Spring the Internship class on campus meets periodically and students can expect to have a variety of essays, portfolios and journals required as part of the academic compnent of their internship experience.

For further information, please contact the Internship Coordinator or check out the FAQ page on internships. For information about Summer internships please consult the Summer Internships page.

Contact the Internship Coordinator for more information.

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