Communication - From Classroom to Career Freshman Year

cas_flag_freshmanCraft Your Own Future

Employers regularly cite communication skills as the most desirable attributes in potential employees. That is a great thing for Communication Majors! The Department of Communication offers a broad theoretical orientation to our field as well as a chance to prepare yourself for particular professional interests. The ability to "craft your own future" is at the heart of our Communication interests. In your lifetime you will have numerous professions, not to mention jobs. Start thinking about that future now. Do some exploring on your own and discover what you can do with a major in Communication. Check out Student Resources. Read the CommBlog; follow our Twitter feed.

Communication has this dynamic interdisciplinary makeup that allows one to study the media, families, religion, relationships, gender, sexuality, and tons more fascinating subjects. As one of my professors always said: "You can't not communicate." To be in a field that is engrained into every facet of life brings with it a constant excitement to the scholarship.
Steve Bottari '11; Communication; graduate student, Newhouse School of Communication, Syracuse University.

Getting Involved Early

Being a Communication major isn't just about taking classes; it is about being a part of a program. Communication majors are inherently social and we offer a host of opportunities to get involved with your faculty and fellow majors, both face-to-face and virtually. Check out some of the events listed here, and get the most out of your major!

This student organization serves to orient interested students to career opportunities in the Communication field. The club sponsors guest lectures from alumni and other professionals, as well as field trips, socials, and colloquia.

com_ctc_fresh2Start Planning Early

If you plan well, you can achieve all your academic and career objectives. Planning can be challenging if you want to do a double major or more than one minor, if you study abroad, and/or if you begin the major after Sophomore year. We strongly encourage you to "internationalize" your education through coursework, service, travel, and study abroad opportunities. It is never too early to begin considering your professional aspirations and to take advantage of resources on campus that will have you prepared for life after Fairfield. Talk to faculty advisors.

I easily chose Communication as a major after taking Comm. 100 with Dr. Ryan freshman year. This class single-handedly led me to choose the major, and it created a solid foundation of my knowledge in the field. It inspired a passion for communications that I still maintain today. Dr. Ryan soon became my advisor and helped me lay out an academic course plan for the next four years. One of the things I loved most about Dr. Ryan as well as all the professors in the department is that they were always accessible. No e-mail ever went unanswered and office hours were extensive. Each class I took always made me think and provided a challenge. I loved that we had the chance to learn not only theory but also relevant practice and topics within the communication industry today. 
- Courtney A. Cunningham; Communication major; sales planner for Sprout, the first 24 hour pre-school network, at NBCUniversal.

Hear from Alums
Attend Communication Career Night in the spring to hear from graduates of the program.ctc_com_fresh_3

I think the document provides a very thorough "how-to" map for the discipline... I truly feel Fairfield provides all the necessary tools to have a fulfilling career in the various areas of communication.- To a current student I would say, in addition to coursework: - never miss a communication career night, do as many internships as your schedule can allow, and use the resources of the career planning center. I'd remind them that you can never begin the " job search" too early - the contacts you make along the way make all the difference.
- Christina M. Tesauro, associate account executive, ABC Primetime Sales

Campus Media
Work with the student newspaper, radio station, HAM channel, or other campus media to gain experience

Communicating Beyond Our Shores
Even as a freshman, attend the study abroad fair to learn about international study. Consider studying a new or continuing a foreign language.

Look at Related Fields
Our faculty participate in a wide-variety of interdisciplinary campus programs and initiatives. Consider Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, the Ignatian Residential College, plus Service Learning.

Dream Job
What is your "dream job" after graduation? What are you passionate about? Talk to your faculty advisor and other mentors. As a Communication major, how can you use your time at Fairfield to prepare for it through class work, internships, volunteer activities, summer jobs, leadership positions with clubs and organizations, and other relevant out-of-class experiences.

ctc_com_fresh_4Our graduates are attractive to many employers who identify communication skills as the most important factor in hiring and promotion decisions. Employers also value our students' intensive coursework in the major, the experience gained from the internship, and the broad liberal education that all Fairfield students receive. The department regularly sponsors career events to help students think about their future careers and how communication classes connect to communication practice.

Information Fair
Communication is always represented at the Majors/Minors Information Fair. If you are considering our program, come by and say hi.

com_ctc_fresh5Life After Fairfield

A major in Communication prepares students for careers in a variety of communication and other industries, as well as for graduate study in areas such as communication, education, law, politics, public administration, social work, and business. Our majors and minors will also develop the skills necessary to make valuable contributions to society and develop a commitment to influence the media and other organizations to become more just and socially. Take a look at the careers and graduate programs that our students choose. Then use this Classrooms to Career guide to help get you there.

Learning the different levels of thinking within my classes and being able to learn first hand at my internships the "do's and don'ts" of the working world made the transition after graduation that much easier. Studying abroad in Florence was also another aspect that aided in my communications training. The media is very different in Italy and the Communication courses I took there gave me another perspective that still helps in the way I go about things today. Lastly, being multifaceted was important in making an impression during interviews for jobs. At my time at Fairfield, I made sure to participate in different clubs, leadership opportunities, and hobbies that would show employers how versatile I can be. It helped give me an edge and was sometimes the reason I even scored an interview. I did all of this with guidance from my Communication professors, so using them as resources and mentors is imperative! 
- Caitlyn Livingston; Communication major; affiliate sales coordinator at NBCUniversal


That's just the start. Take a look at this career information from other University offices that we think is also valuable to Communication majors.


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