Comm and PR Course Offerings

Great courses with great faculty are what we offer.

See Communication course descriptions from our catalog for more information.

CO 100: Human Communication Theories
CO 101: Argument and Advocacy
CO 102: Introduction to Public Relations
CO 130: Mass Media and Society
CO 200: Interpersonal Communication Theories
CO 201: Persuasion
CO 202: Group Communication
CO 220: Introduction to Organizational Communication
CO 231: Media Institutions
CO 233: Information Technologies: Economics, Law, and Policy
CO 236: Gender, Sexuality, and Media
CO 237: Sports, Media, and Culture
CO 238: Communication and Popular Culture
CO 239: Consumer Culture
CO 240: Intercultural Communication
CO 241: Communication and Culture: East and West
CO 242: Alcohol, Addiction, and Culture
CO 246: Family Communication
CO 248: Health Communication
CO 309: Research Projects in Communication: The Capstone
CO 321: Communication Processes in Organizations: Negotiation
CO 322: Leadership Communication
CO 323: Gender and Organizing
CO 324: Crisis Communication
CO 325: Organizational Communication and Advertising
CO 329: Contemporary Topics in Organizational Communication
CO 331: American Media/American History
CO 332: Children as Media Consumers
CO 333: News Media and Democracy
CO 334: Comparative Media Systems 
CO 335: Globalization, Media, and Culture
CO 336: Social Media
CO 337: Visual Communication
CO 338: Media Audiences
CO 339: Topics in Media Theory and Criticism
CO 340: Conflict Communication
CO 341: End-of-Life Communication
CO 342: Technoculture & the Information Society
CO 343: Ethics and Marketing Communication
CO 345: Relational Communication
CO 346: Spirituality and Communication
CO 347: Communication in Healthcare Organizations 
CO 348: Risk Communication
CO 349: Special Topics: Constructing Social Identities
CO 397: Independent Study
CO 399: Internship

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