Comm and PR Course Offerings

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CO 100 Human Communication Theories
CO 101 Argument and Advocacy
CO 102 Introduction to Public Relations
CO 130 Mass Media and Society
CO 200 Interpersonal Communication Theories
CO 201 Persuasion
CO 202 Group Communication
CO 220 Introduction to Organizational Communication
CO 231 Media Institutions
CO 233 Information Technologies: Economics, Law, and Policy
CO 236 Gender, Sexuality, and Media
CO 237 Sports, Media, and Culture
CO 238 Communication and Popular Culture
CO 239 Consumer Culture
CO 240 Intercultural Communication
CO 241 Communication and Culture: East and West
CO 242 Alcohol, Addiction, and Culture
CO 246 Family Communication
CO 248 Health Communication
CO 309 Research Projects in Communication: The Capstone
CO 321 Communication Processes in Organizations: Negotiation
CO 322 Leadership Communication
CO 323 Gender and Organizing
CO 324 Crisis Communication
CO 325 Organizational Communication and Advertising
CO 329 Contemporary Topics in Organizational Communication
CO 331 American Media/American History
CO 332 Children as Media Consumers
CO 333 News Media and Democracy
CO 334 Comparative Media Systems 
CO 335 Globalization, Media, and Culture
CO 336 Social Media
CO 337 Visual Communication
CO 338 Media Audiences
CO 339 Topics in Media Theory and Criticism
CO 340 Conflict Communication
CO 341 End-of-Life Communication
CO 342 Technoculture & the Information Society
CO 343 Ethics and Marketing Communication
CO 345 Relational Communication
CO 346 Spirituality and Communication
CO 347 Communication in Healthcare Organizations 
CO 348 Risk Communication
CO 349 Special Topics: Constructing Social Identities
CO 397 Independent Study
CO 399 Internship