The Communication Department at Fairfield University empowers students to develop an appreciation and understanding of the power of communication and the impact it has on shaping society, relationships, and the workplace.

Fairfield offers a stimulating program for undergraduate majors along with a Master of Arts degree at the graduate level. Undergraduate students have the freedom to develop skills that fit their abilities and interests. Our diverse and active faculty will direct you through advanced communication research. You are led to recognize the importance of communication and the meaning it gives to ideas, relationships, communities, and identities. You will enhance your oral and written capabilities, critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills, while learning to apply communication theories to your everyday life.

Internship programs are offered to help you get real-world experience in a variety of communication fields, making you more prepared for your future careers. You will also be encouraged to develop a global awareness of the importance of communication in different cultures, possibly culminating in a study abroad experience.