Classical Studies - Course of Study

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Classical Civilization

CL/EN 106* Masterpieces of Greek Literature in English Translation

CL/EN 107* Masterpieces of Roman Literature in English Translation

CL/EN 108* Myth in Classical Literature

CL/EN 109* Greek Tragedy in English Translation

CL 115** Greek Civilization

CL 116** Roman Civilization

CL/EN 127* Romantic Love in Greek and Roman Literature

CL 199 Special Topics in Classical Studies

CL/HI 221 The Hellenistic World, 336-30 BC

CL/HI 222 The Roman Revolution

CL/HI 223 The Roman World in Late Antiquity, 284-642 AD

CL/HI 324 Ancient Greece, Rome and Africa

CL/HI 325 Athenian Democracy and Empire

CL 399 Capstone Project in Classics


GR 111 Elementary Attic Greek

GR 210/211 Intermediate Greek Readings

GR 325/328 Advanced Greek Readings I-IV


LA 111 Basic Latin

LA 210/211 Readings in Latin Prose and Poetry

LA 321/322 Latin Poetry

LA 323/324 Latin Prose