The Fairfield University Chemistry Department is well equipped with modern instrumentation. The following is a list of major instrumentation available and when we purchased the item.

Major Instrumentation Date
Bruker Avance 300 NMR with a BBO multinuclear broadband observe probe. We also have a BBI inverse probe and a variable temperature accessory 2001
Shimadzu GC-MS with EI, CI, and Direct Insertion Capability 2006
MBraun Inert Atmosphere Glove Box 2007
Cary 110 and Cary 50 Bio Spectrophotometer UV-Vis dipping probe and dual cell Peltier temperature control 2003
Thermo-Nicolet Avatar 380 FT-IR with ATR accessory 2002
Cypress Systems Electroanalytical system
PTI Xenon Flash Fluorescence Photometer 1999
Agilent 6820 GC 2000

Instruments acquired prior to 1999 include:

  • PE DSC7 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • PE 5100PC Atomic Adsorption with Zeeman 5100 and Graphite Furnace
  • HP 1050 HPLC with UV/Vis and RI detectors

The University solicits requests for instrument replacements on an annual basis. In recent years we have purchased a Shimadzu GC-MS, a Gow-Mac GC for the organic laboratory, two FT-IR instruments for the organic laboratory, an FT-IR instrument, two UV-Vis spectrophotometers, and the Cypress Systems electroanalytical system. The general and organic chemistry laboratories have a number of dedicated instruments and are also equipped with computers for routine data analysis.

Department members collaborating with professors from Biology and Physics have access to many other specialized instruments and facilities. Faculty also have access to a machine shop on an as-needed basis.

The Department has a computer resource room with 10 Dual-Boot (WINDOWs or MAC OS) Mac computers. MathCad, Gaussian '03, Spartan, HyperChem, internet access, and routine word-processing are available on these computers. The campus has fiber optic ethernet connections throughout and a number of wireless locations. Wireless access is also available in many classrooms on campus.