Biology - Student Profile

cas_galluzzoName: Maria Galluzzo '15
Undergrad Degree: 
Biology, concentration in molecular biology
Meriden, Connecticut
Awards/Scholarships:  Science Institute Grant for summer research

1. Why Biology?
From a young age I was interested in science. As I grew up I became more and more intrigued in how things worked. To fuel my passion for science, specifically topics such as zoology at the time, my parents would take me to library so I could check out books on different animals. When I entered high school my interests switched from zoology to general biology. One specific class in high school, called Biotechnology, aided me in finding my specific niche in science. It was a class of six people and consisted of a year of performing scientific research. I could honestly say that this class allowed me to find out what I wanted to do as a future career. From that day on I knew that I wanted to go into scientific research. I started college as biochemistry major and it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I switched to a biology major. I had decided that I wanted to focus purely on biology instead of balancing both biology and chemistry. It was then that I discovered my interest in molecular biology and I am currently working on a concentration in molecular biology. Even though my interests have changed to molecular biology a part of me is still interested in topics like zoology and the natural world. I keep up these interests by taking ecology classes and doing research with great professors. No matter how many times my interests changed I always knew that I would want to do something in science.

2. Describe a favorite course and how it helped your academic growth?
All of the classes I have taken at Fairfield University have helped me in some way, but if I had to choose one class that really helped my academic growth I would have to say it was my Immunology class with Dr. Phyllis Braun. This was my second class with Dr. Braun and before taking any classes with Dr. Braun I was a quiet student that would never raise my hand in class. It wasn’t until my first class with her, Molecular Biology (which consisted of three students including myself), that I was required to speak in class. By my second class with Dr. Braun I became more comfortable with speaking in class and I can say that I am now confident enough to not be afraid of being wrong in class. Dr. Braun is a professor that should be seen as a wealth of knowledge and has much to offer to her students. She was able to take what is a very challenging subject and make it manageable by giving us handouts with diagrams and constantly going over, as she would say “the characters of the story.” Not only did this class challenge me to think in different ways then would be considered the norm, but it also helped me to become more confident in my own knowledge. I have grown as a student greatly under the guidance from Dr. Braun and my academic skills have grown immensely after taking her classes. I look forward to taking more classes with her.

cas_annunziataName: Alexa Annunziata '16
Undergrad Degree: Biology major with a concentration in marine biology. Minor in environmental studies
Hometown: Eastchester, New York
Extracurricular Activities: Resident Assistant in the Service for Justice Residential College; Member of NRHH, Front Desk and Equipment Assistant at the RecPlex
Awards/Scholarships: Bellarmine Merit Scholarship

1. Why did you choose to study your major at Fairfield University? 
I choose to major in biology because science is my true passion and after carful consideration I realized that Fairfield University had a strong biology program with a lot to offer including diverse classes, research opportunities, and internships. 

2. How have you been inspired in pursuit of your academic interests?  
After completing the general biology classes and being exposed to various topics I found I had a strong interest in marine biology. I sought out the academic advisor for the marine biology concentration Dr. Diane Brousseau and she guided me in terms of courses and other extracurricular activities. She introduced me to the BASE Camp program where I became an assistant counselor. All of these experiences have helped affirm my decision to pursue a career in marine science. 

After living in the Service for Justice Residential College my sophomore year I learned about various walks of life and the impact the environment has on those lives. This inspired me to pursue a minor in Environmental studies. 

3. How do you plan to use your degree upon graduation
After graduation I plan on attending graduate school, my hope is that I’ll be able to use a master’s degree in marine biology to help find a solution to the environmental threats many marine animals face.  

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