Biology - Courses

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BI 15: Fundamentals of Biology I 
BI 16: Fundamentals of Biology II
BI 18: Human Biology: Form and Function 
BI 70: Science, Technology, and Society 
BI 71: Identity and the Human Genome
BI 73: Contemporary Nutrition: Food for Thought
BI 74: Biology of Food 
BI 75: Ecology and Society 
BI/CH 76: Environmental Science 
BI 78: Introduction to Marine Science
BI 87: Microbes and Your Health 
BI 95/PH 216: Philosophy and Biology of Evolutionary Theory 
BI 96: God and Modern Biology 
BI 107/108: Human Anatomy and Physiology 
BI 151: Elements of Microbiology 
BI 170: General Biology I (Majors)
BI 171: General Biology II (Majors)
BI 172: General Biology III (Majors)
BI 201-206: Biology Teaching Practicum
BI 251: Human Nutrition
BI 260: Ecology 
BI 251: Human Nutrition
BI 261: Genetics
BI 262: Human Physiology
BI 296: Special Topics in Biology 
BI 310: Cummunity Nutrition
BI 314: Endocrinology
BI 315: Anatomy: Form & Function
BI 317: Introduction to Epidemiology & Applied Biostatistics
BI 318: Vertebrate Zoology 
BI 319/BI 319L: Zoology Field Experience 
BI/CH 324: Biochemistry I
BI/CH 325: Biochemistry II 
BI/CH 324-325L: Biochemistry Lab 
BI 327: Cell Biology
BI 330: Nutrient Metabolism
BI 342: Developmental Biology 
BI 352: Fundamentals of Microbiology 
BI 354: Molecular Biology 
BI 356: Immunology 
BI 357: General Virology
BI 362: Marine Invertebrate Zoology 
BI 364: Freshwater Ecology 
BI 365: Evolutionary Biology 
BI 366: Ornithology 
BI 372: Environmental Toxicology
BI 375: Biochemical Ecology 
BI 381: Special Topics Seminar - Molecular Block
BI 382: Special Topics Seminar - Physiology Block 
BI 383: Special Topics Seminar - Ecology Block 
BI 391-394: Independent Research I, II, III, IV 
BI 397-398: Internships