Biology - Courses

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BI 15 Fundamentals of Biology I 
BI 16 Fundamentals of Biology II
BI 18 Human Biology: Form and Function 
BI 70 Science, Technology, and Society 
BI 71 Identity and the Human Genome
BI 73 Contemporary Nutrition: Food for Thought
BI 74 Biology of Food 
BI 75 Ecology and Society 
BI/CH 76 Environmental Science 
BI 78 Introduction to Marine Science 
BI 79 Latin American Ecosystems 
BI 87 Microbes and Your Health 
BI 95/PH 216 Philosophy and Biology of Evolutionary Theory 
BI 96 God and Modern Biology 
BI 107/108 Human Anatomy and Physiology 
BI 151 Elements of Microbiology 
BI 170 General Biology I (Majors)
BI 171 General Biology II (Majors)
BI 172 General Biology III (Majors)
BI 201-206 Biology Teaching Practicum
BI 251 Human Nutrition
BI 260 Ecology 
BI 251 Human Nutrition
BI 261 Genetics
BI 262 Human Physiology
BI 296 Special Topics in Biology 
BI 310 Cummunity Nutrition
BI 313 Comparative Physiology 
BI 314 Endocrinology
BI 315 Anatomy: Form & Function
BI 317 Introduction to Epidemiology & Applied Biostatistics
BI 318 Vertebrate Zoology 
BI 319/BI 319L Zoology Field Experience 
BI/CH 324 Biochemistry I
BI/CH 325 Biochemistry II 
BI/CH 324-325L Biochemistry Lab 
BI 327 Cell Biology
BI 330 Nutrient Metabolism
BI 342 Developmental Biology 
BI 352 Fundamentals of Microbiology 
BI 354 Molecular Biology 
BI 356 Immunology 
BI 357 General Virology 
BI 358 Recombinant DNA Technology 
BI 362 Marine Invertebrate Zoology 
BI 364 Freshwater Ecology 
BI 365 Evolutionary Biology 
BI 366 Ornithology 
BI 369 Plant Biology: Morphology, Biochemistry, and Physiology 
BI 372 Environmental Toxicology
BI 375 Biochemical Ecology 
BI 381 Special Topics Seminar - Molecular Block
BI 382 Special Topics Seminar - Physiology Block 
BI 383 Special Topics Seminar - Ecology Block 
BI 391-394 Independent Research I, II, III, IV 
BI 397-398 Internships