Asian Studies

Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur or a philosopher, involved in government or the arts, a working knowledge of Asian realities is essential in today's world. Whatever major you choose, the Asian studies minor allows you to tailor your course selection to explore Asian perspectives on the central questions of your field. A distinguished program faculty will guide you to appreciate:

  • The dynamics of Asian societies
  • Their profound religious, philosophical, and artistic traditions
  • The growing interdependence of East and West in a global economy.

‌The Asian Studies program focuses on a region that is home to half of the world's population but that nevertheless remains mysterious, exotic, and, above all, "inscrutable" to most people. The importance of Asia in the world political and economic system, and particularly its growing impact on the United States, demand a firm understanding of the history, cultures, politics, and economics of the Asian countries. No student, regardless of his or her chosen major or profession, will be unaffected by past, present, and future events and developments in Asia.

Fairfield's proximity to the vibrant Asian communities and cultural resources of New York City and New Haven make possible educational adventures near home, while faculty contacts provide acceess in setting up internships and research opportunities here and abroad.

Existing Study Abroad programs between Fairfield and universities in Asia, offer students the unparalleled experience of learning by living in Asia. In recent years, Asian Studies minors have applied successfully to The Beijing CenterUniversity of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), and Sophia University for semester(s) of credited study. Summer programs are also available at the Beijing Center and Sophia University.

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