Visual Arts Administration

The Art History program, in collaboration with Dolan School of Business, announces a new concentration for students interested in careers in museums, art galleries, non-profit arts organizations, and auction houses. The interdisciplinary major includes classes in art history, museum theory, grant-writing, management, and an internship at a New York City or local venue. Fairfield students have held internships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Rubin Museum of Art (NYC), the Westport Art Center, Visual AIDS, the Fairfield Museum and Historical Society, and the Bellarmine Museum of Art on campus, among others. Through this concentration, students will gain theoretical background, skills, and experience.

For more information on this program, contact Dr. Marice Rose.


1. Complete two of the following foundational courses (six credits)                      

AH 10      Origins and Transformations in Western Art
AH 11      Visual Culture Since 1400: Expression and Experimentation
AH 12      Introduction to the Art History of Asia, Africa, and the Americas
AH 15      History of Architecture

2.  Complete one art history courses at the 100-level and one at the 200-level (six credits)       

3. Complete at least one of the following VPA courses (three credits):

AH 192     Introduction to the History, Theory and Practice of Museums
AH  292     Museums, Art, Ethics, and the Law
AH  295    Museum/Gallery Curating: Behind the Scenes

4. Complete one of the following Dolan School of Business Courses (three credits):

AC 11       Introduction to Financial Accounting
MG 101    Introduction to Management in Organizations
MG 240     Leading and Managing People
MG 335    Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MG 370    Managing Non-Profit Organizations
MK  101    Principles of Marketing    

5. Complete EN/W 339 Grant and Proposal Writing (three credits)         

6. Complete one Art History internship  (three credits)

AH 310     Internship 

7.   Complete junior and senior capstone seminars (six credits)

AH 320    Junior Seminar
AH 330    Senior Seminar                                           

 *It is recommended that for fulfillment of University Core area III, AE 291 Business Ethics be one of the courses taken. Additional courses in area 4 above are recommended as electives, as are EN/W 214 Professional Presentations: Writing and Delivery and EN/W 332 Business Writing

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