Art History - Course of Study

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All courses count for the history/theory credit towards the Visual and Performing Arts component of the University core curriculum.

A = Applied 
H = History

AH 10 Origins and Transformations in Western Art (H)
AH 11 Visual Culture Since 1400: Expression and Experimentation (H)
AH 13 Art of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas (H)
AH 14 Art of Asia (H)
AH 15 History of Architecture (H)
AH 102 Art of East Asia (H)
AH 109 Jewish Art: Moses to Modernity (H)
AH 111 Greek Art and Archaeology (H)
AH 112 Etruscan and Roman Art and Archaeology (H)
AH 113 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt (H)
AH 115 Archaeology of Athens (H)
AH 120 Medieval Art of Western Europe (H)
AH 121 Celtic and Early Irish Art (H)
AH 130 Early Renaissance Art in Italy (H)
AH 131 High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy (H)
AH 135 Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (H)
AH 140 Baroque Art (H)
AH 142 The Art of Early Modern Spain and Latin America (H)
AH 152 Modern Art (H)
AH 161 American Architecture (H)
AH 164 American Art: Civil War to Civil Rights (H)
AH 165 The Black Experience: African- American Art and Criticism in the 20th Century (H)
AH 172 History of Photography (H)
AH 175 Contemporary Art (H)
AH 191 Art and Mythologies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Bolshevik Russia: Comparative Systems/Outcomes (H)
AH 192 The History, Theory and Practice of Museums (H)
AH 193 Inside Museums & Galleries: Taste/Place/Publics Space (H)
AH 209 The Historic Plaster Cast Collection at Fairfield University (H)
AH 210 Myth in Classical Art (H)
AH 221 The Arts of Ireland and the British Isles, 500-1000 (H)
AH 222 Byzantine Art (H)
AH 282 Green Architecture (H)
AH 290 Special Topics Seminar (H)
AH 292 Museums, Art, Ethics and the Law (H)
AH 300 Independent Study (H)
AH 310 Internship
AH 330 Senior Capstone Seminar (H)