M.S. in Mathematics - Course Offerings

The M.S. in Mathematics requires completion of 30 credits. These include:

Required Courses

MA 435-436 Algebra and Linear Algebra (a 6, 2-course sequence) 
MA 471-472 Real and Complex Analysis (a 6-credit, 2-course sequence)

Elective Courses

The examples that follow illustrate three possible ways students can specialize within the M.S. program. In each case, students complete the required courses noted above in addition to electives such as those listed below.

For Teachers and Prospective Teachers

Geometry: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean 
Topology: Analytic and Algebraic 
Foundations and Set Theory 
Use of Technology in the Classroom 
Number Theory

For Business-Oriented Professionals

Applied Statistical Methods
Applied Mathematics and Differential Equations 
Classical Financial Mathematics

For Those Interested in Pure Mathematics

Advanced Abstract Algebra 
Numerical Analysis 
Foundations and Set Theory 
Number Theory

Course Listing

MA 435/436 Algebra and Linear Algebra
MA 451/452 Probability and Statistics
MA 471/472 Real and Complex Analysis
MA 510 Foundations and Set Theory
MA 531/532 Applied Mathematics I and II
MA 535 Advanced Abstract Algebra
MA 537 Number Theory
MA 550 Classical Financial Mathematics
MA 551 Applied Statistical Methods
MA 553 Statistical Forecasting
MA 555 Statistical Consulting
MA 565 Use of Technology in the Classroom
MA 577 Numerical Analysis
MA 578 Mathematics of Financial Derivatives
MA 583 Geometry
MA 585 Topology
MA 590 Capstone Project
MA 599 Independent Study (View independent study application form)