Post-grad Teaching Training Option

MFA graduates have a new post-graduate option: The post-grad Teaching Training Option. This opportunity has been approved by the Fairfield University faculty committees. This six-credit course is intended for those MFA graduates interested in teaching at the college level, more specifically, in receiving training to teach freshman students English.

General program details include:

  • Six-credit program (2 graduate courses) including a seminar in basic pedagogy of teaching college freshman English and a "hands-on" practicum in teaching.
    • Students will either teach a course and be observed or function as a teaching assistant to a Fairfield Department of English Professor. If a student teaches a freshman English class, he/she will be paid a regular salary for teaching a course (the number of such courses open to MFA students will be limited by Departmental need).
  • The first pedagogy course will be offered in August and the hands-on practicum will be offered in the fall semester.
  • The program will accept approximately four students this August for its trial run
  • Application process will include an interview with Dr. Cinthia Gannett, Director of Freshman English at Fairfield.

This opportunity is a great chance for MFA graduates to receive formal training in teaching pedagogy as well as some actual hands-on teaching experience. When going for full- or part-time teaching positions, applicants normally have to prove knowledge of freshman pedagogy as well as some actual teaching experience. This option is intended to provide MFA graduates with both.

If interested, please contact Ms. Elizabeth Hastings at or (203) 254-4000 ext. 2688. The administrators of the MFA in Creative Writing will inform students of acceptance and provide further details of the program.

Student Testimonials

cas_mfa_sotfinoskiSteve Otfinoski

"Being a part of the MFA Teaching Program has been an enriching experience for me. A professional writer for many years, teaching has always appealed to me, but I didn’t have the time or means to pursue it. Having been accepted into the Core Writing program here at Fairfield has opened the door to a whole new career. The program gives us creative writers the chance to share our knowledge and experience gained earning our MFA degree and to learn the pedagogical tools necessary to teach effectively."




cas_mfa_bhillBrittany Hill

"I found my time in the MFA Teaching Program completely invaluable. Not only did I receive full support from our instructor, Dr. Cinthia Gannett, but there was also a wonderful community both in the classroom and out. This feeling of camaraderie was similar to the workshops I participated in, and the mentorship I received during my first two-years in the MFA program. The fifth semester classes provided us with the foundation we needed during our first semester teaching; this included syllabus creation, lesson planning, attending on campus events together, visiting each others' classes, and just as important--comprehensive discussions on pedagogical theory. The fifth semester option should in fact not be an option if you wish to pursue a teaching career. It enabled me to foster relationships with faculty members and colleagues, further understand the theoretical application behind the material I was preparing to teach, and has continued to allow career and personal growth through conferences, readings, and ongoing discussions." 

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