Master of Public Administration - Faculty

cas_comm_pagano Dr. Michael Pagano
Director of the Master of Public Administration
Associate Professor of Communication
 ‌cas_pol_downe Dr. David L. Downie
Associate Professor of Politics
 cas_econ_leclair Dr. Mark S. LeClair
Professor of Economics
 schols_fu_logo Dr. Lisa A. Mainiero
Professor of Management
 schols_fu_logo Dr. Sharlene A. McEvoy
Professor of Business Law
 cas_econ_murray Dr. Thomas J. Murray III
Assistant Professor of Economics 
 ‌cas_as_schlicting Dr. Kurt C. Schlichting
E. Gerald Corrigan Chair in the Humanities & Social Sciences
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
 cas_eng_simon Dr. James Simon
Professor of English