M.A. in Communication - Message from the Director

Dear Prospective Student,

‌‌We invite you to join us in our advanced study of communication at Fairfield University. Communication is a fundamental social process; all human activities are imbued with communication. Our lives are constructed, maintained and affected by verbal, nonverbal and mediated communication. When you pursue an M.A. degree in Communication you will be better prepared to:

  • understand yourself personally
  • enhance your relationships
  • appreciate the ethical dimensions of communication
  • advance your career
  • analyze how organizations, societies, and cultures are both affected by and contribute to communication
  • utilize specific philosophies, theories, methods, and techniques required to practice and study communication
  • contribute communication solutions to social problems

Our M.A. in Communication allows you to explore diverse areas of study from interpersonal to organizational communication, and from health communication to media studies. In addition to enhancing professional careers, a Master's degree in Communication is also a potential pathway for those interested in continuing on for a Ph.D. Our faculty are a diverse and experienced group of scholars, researchers, teachers and professionals. The faculty look forward to working with you to further your personal, professional and academic goals.

We believe that an academically rigorous and personally focused M.A. program in Communication, which is based on the strong values and ideals of a traditional Jesuit education, will contribute significantly to your personal development, professional success, and your contributions to various communities and organizations where you live and work

Dr. Michael Pagano
Associate Professor & Program Director