M.A. in Communication - FAQs

Q. Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in communication to apply?

A. No. The M.A. program is designed to accommodate a variety of students from different backgrounds; an undergraduate degree in communication is not required. Students with a variety of undergraduate backgrounds are encouraged to apply if they feel that training in communication theory, research, and applications would further their personal, academic, and career goals.

Q. How long does it take to complete the M.A. in Communication degree program?

A. While it is possible for a full-time grad student to earn an M.A. in Communication degree in 2 (calendar) years, the majority of our full-time students complete their degrees in approximately 2.5 years.

The time-frame for part-time students varies widely based on the number of courses taken per semester, but averages 3.0 years.

Regardless of full- or part-time status, all degree work must be completed within 5.0 years from the date a student first enrolls in our graduate program.

Q. How are courses offered?

A. The three foundational courses will all be taught in the 14-week, 2 hr/week (28 contact hour) format in order to allow for sufficient time to explore the foundational material necessary to proceed effectively in the program. The remaining courses will be taught in a variety of formats, including:

  • Traditional: 14-week/2.5 hours per week format (35 hours)
  • Accelerated: 7-week/5 hours every other week format (35 hours)
  • Intensive: Saturdays (7 5-hour meetings spread over 7 or 14 weeks, or 5 Saturdays for 7 hours each; 35 hours)
  • Summer: 7-week accelerated (35 hours)
  • Online or hybrid formats of any of the above schedules

Q. How are the courses structured?

A. Traditional courses are taught as lectures/seminars. Courses offered in other formats are designed to offer the same type of classroom experience as the traditional format. Some classes use online discussion, chats, blogs, electronic portfolios, and other mechanisms as ways to enhance the course experience. Classes taught fully online deliver lectures through a variety of means, and use any or all of the above mechanisms to ensure student participation, comprehension, and performance.

Q. What is the tuition for this degree program?

A. Tuition and fees for Fairfield's graduate programs

Q. What is the application deadline?

A. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Q. Do I need to take the GRE's?

A. No. However, we will look closely at your undergraduate academic record and professional achievements when considering your application.

Q. Can I transfer graduate credits? If so, how many?

A. We may consider graduate credits from other accredited graduate programs in communication. Other credits may be counted toward "allied and applied" courses (up to 6 credits). If approved, up to 6 credits will be considered to count toward the "Allied and Applied" category.

Q. Can I apply to this program as an international student?

A. Yes, review the application requirements for international students.

Q. Whom do I call if I have questions?

A. For information about admission, contact gradadmis@fairfield.edu. For information about the program, contact Dr. Gisela Gil-Egui, Director of the M.A. in Communication program.

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