M.A. in American Studies - Message from the Director

Dear Prospective Student,

During the last half century, American Studies has evolved as a dynamic, interdisciplinary field of academic study in colleges and universities across the country. Growing numbers of students have undertaken a systematic study of the American experience as revealed in its history, politics, literature, sociology, philosophy, religions, and visual and performing arts.

At Fairfield, students design a curriculum to meet their specific needs in consultation with an academic advisor. You may focus on a traditional discipline or explore a particular topic. America is a culture of cultures, and our offerings are inclusive and respectful of the enormous diversity in the American people and their experience.

To undertake the formidable task of developing a better understanding and appreciation of the complexities in the American experience, we employ the considerable resources of our University community while also encouraging students to avail themselves of the resources in the surrounding New York metropolitan region.

As director of the graduate program in American Studies, I invite you to join us in our quest for a better understanding of our nation's cultural, intellectual, economic, religious, artistic, social, literary, and political traditions.

Dr. Peter Bayers
Director of the M.A. in American Studies