M.A. in American Studies - Course Offerings

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AS 401 Introduction to American Studies
AS 402 American Historiography
AS 403 Issues in Contemporary American Studies
AS 410 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
AS 415 Civil Liberties
AS 416 Civil Liberties II: Criminal Justice
AS 420 Feminist Theory and Gender Studies
AS 450 The Supreme Court in the 1960s
AS 461 The American Civil War
AS 483 America in the 1930s
AS 488 The Frontier in American Culture
AS 499 Independent Study
ASAH 441 Fine Art vs. Anti-Art: 1917-1967
ASAH 444 American Master Artists and their Times
ASEN 447 Poetry in America
ASEN 486 Native American Literature
ASEN 488 Award-winning American Novels
ASEN 490 The Contemporary American Memoir
ASHI 437 American Prophetic Tradition
ASHI 439 The Tumultuous 20th Century: Key Issues in U.S. Political & Social History
ASHI 442 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in U.S. History
ASHI 448 Social Movements in America: The Sixties
ASHI 451 Crises and Turning Points in U.S. Foreign Relations, 1776 to 2009
ASHI 452 Peace Movements in U.S. History
ASHI 456 History of the Cold War
ASHI 459 Working in America: A Social History
ASHI 479 Islam in America
ASHI 481 The Arab-American Experience
ASIT 481 Visions of Italy and America in Film 
ASIT 493 The Italian-American Experience
ASMU 401 The History of Jazz
ASMU 402 The History of Rock
ASMU 403 Critical Issues in American Popular Music: Blues to Hip Hop
ASMU 414 Gershwin, Ellington, Copland
ASPO 433 United States Foreign Policy
ASPO 461 The American Presidency
ASPO 467 Politics in Film 
ASPO 468 Politics of Mass Popular Culture
ASPO 470 Race and the Supreme Court
ASRS 442 Jews and Judaism in America
ASSO 412 Contemporary American Society
ASSO 463 Urban/Suburban Sociology
ASSO 465 Urban Sociology: New York
ASSO 469 Women: Work and Sport
ASTA 420 American Drama and Society
ASTA 421 Ethnic American Performance & Society
ASTA 452 The Arts in America: 1950 to the Present
ASTA 453 American Popular Entertainments and Social History

Other Course Options

Up to 3 of the following 300-level courses may be applied toward the M.A. degree in American Studies, with an added course requirement to produce a graduate-level paper.


EN 335 Gender and Sexuality in Film and Literature
EN 339 African-American Literature and Culture: 1900 to 1940
EN 341 Early African-American Literature
EN 342 20th Century American Poetry
EN 344 African-American Fiction: 1940 to 1980
EN 348 Contemporary Women Writers of Color
EN 371 African-American Women's Writing
EN 381 American Romanticism
EN 382 American Literature: 1865 to1920
EN 383 American Literature: 1920 to 1950
EN 384 American Literature: 1950 to the Present
EN 386 Native American Literature
EN 387 The American Novel
EN 389 Literature and Religion: The American Experience


HI 331 Era of the American Revolution, 1763 to 1800
HI 342 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in U.S. History
HI 348 Social Movements in 20th-Century U.S. History
HI 356 History of the Cold War 
HI 362 The Frontier: A Green History of North America
HI 397 Special Topics (as appropriate)


PO 346 Seminar on Vietnam