American Studies Conference

Spring 2015

The 3rd Annual 'Celebrating American Studies' Conference
March 28, 2015
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Keynote speaker: Nicholas Meriwether
Special Collections, McHenry Library, University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)

"Archiving the Counterculture and Raising the Dead: The Grateful Dead Archive and the Legacy of the Sixties"

Abstract: In 2008, the Grateful Dead gave their sprawling, voluminous archive to UC Santa Cruz. It represents one of the premier archives documenting rock music, but like the band itself, it is also a skeleton key to many of the issues that define the era that birthed them and that their career came to embody. This talk discusses the achievement of the Grateful Dead and the work of their Archive, not only its challenges and successes but its potential for scholars in a variety of fields. 

About the speaker: Nicholas Meriwether is a prominent academic source on counter-culture historiography, poster art, and rock legends. He recently hosted a conference on the Grateful Dead in November 2014, "So Many Roads: The Worlds of the Grateful Dead."

In 2008 the Grateful Dead gifted UCSC library with archives detailing the music, career, and history of the Grateful Dead, which includes material representing their loyal fans, the Deadheads.
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