M.A. in American Studies - Career & Professional Opportunities

Fairfield's M.A. in American Studies is open to all qualified persons who wish to add an interesting dimension to their previous education. It will be of special interest to many middle school and secondary school teachers who, because of rising interest in the subject within their school systems, would like to be masters qualified in American Studies. It will also be of value to those students seeking a solid preparation before pursuing a Ph.D. in either the humanities or social sciences.

Traditionally, American Studies has had great appeal for adult learners going back to school for no other reason but their eagerness to understand the times and the culture in which they live. Furthermore, international students will gain from this program a solid grounding in all aspects of the American culture.

The graduate students in our program include:

  • Professionals seeking intellectual and cultural enrichment
  • Educators enhancing their professional development
  • Full-time parents preparing to re-enter the marketplace
  • Others planning to pursue further professional studies or academic degrees

Learn more about how the University's tight-knit alumni network can build career and mentoring opportunities that last a lifetime.

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