College of Arts and Sciences Board of Advisors - Message from the Director

adv_board_alexanderJanuary 2012

Dear Colleagues:

Sometimes our volunteer commitments complement other opportunities that unfold within our lives. Most recently I had the chance to travel on a three-week journey to Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, India, and Morocco. This was an extraordinary experience for my husband, Bob, and I, which deepened our understanding of various cultures through the study of religion, politics, art, culture, and religion. I was reminded during my trip that at Fairfield University one of the core areas of our emphasis is global citizenship for our students. As a member of the College of Arts and Sciences Board of Advisors, I have had a special view into the inner workings of the College and the broader University together with my fellow board members. We have gained knowledge about the extraordinary learning that is taking place through faculty and student research in places across the globe.

These experiences for our students take shape through courses that have a service-learning component, through student and faculty research opportunities, and through study abroad opportunities. What is most striking for my fellow board members and I is how the students' educational experience has been enriched by these opportunities for cultural immersion.

As board members, we have the unique privilege to engage with faculty, students, and administrators gaining detailed insights into the academic experience for the students. With this knowledge, we are then more fully prepared to speak with our friends and colleagues about Fairfield University's achievements and how that growth translates into a unique and distinguished education. I invite you to reach out to me with questions that you may have about the life of the College of Arts & Sciences. As its Advisory Board Chair, I am honored to serve as a resource to all of you.


Susan Alexander '78, P'15

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