College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board - Members

The College of Arts and Sciences Board of Advisors consists of an array of distinguished professionals with interests in liberal arts education and the diverse disciplines and programs offered in the College. The Board formally began its work in the fall of 2005 with a two-day retreat. This leadership board serves as ambassadors of the College and assists in the fundraising efforts in support of the Colleges long-term growth.

A. John Mancini '86, Chair 

Dr. Ismael (Izzy) Colon '72

Joellin Comerford '74

Patricia T. Femia '82

Dr. Robert A. Femia '81

Thomas A. Franko '69

Laurence M. Hicks '87, P'14 

Victoria Hicks '88, P'14 

James P. Higgins '70, P'15

George Kemble, Ph.D., P'15

Terese M. Kemble, MBA, P'15

Paul Lakeland, PhD

Gregory M. McGauley '93 

Patricia McGauley '94

Margaret Kelly Murray P'08

Harry A. Rissetto '65, P'00 

Dr. Edmund (Ted) J. Sybertz '72