Management - Course of Study

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MG 101 Introduction to Management in Organizations
MG 235 Managing Human Resources for Competitive Advantage
MG 240 Leading and Managing for the 21st Century
MG 300 Business Strategies in the Global Environment 
MG 301 Topics in Business and Society
MG 302 Topics in Human Resources
MG 303 Topics in Management
MG 320 Diversity in the Workplace
MG 330 Career Planning 
MG 335 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MG 336 Social Entrepreneurship
MG 337 Technology Ventures
MG 338 Managing a Family Business
MG 340 Critical issues in Management
MG 350 International Law
MG 355 Organizational Culture
MG 360 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
MG 365 Ethics and Technology in Business
MG 380 Performance, Compensation, and Reward
MG 385 Managing People for Global Business
MG 390 Cross-Cultural Management
MG 391-392 Management Internship
MG 397-398 Seminar in Management

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