Information Systems & Operations Management - Course of Study

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IS 100 Introduction to Information Systems
IS 135 Introduction to Business Programming
IS 210 Management Science with Spreadsheets
IS 220 Technology and Society
IS 240 Systems Analysis and Logical Design
IS 245 Business Telecommunications and Networks
IS 260 Database Systems
IS 300 Special Topics in Business Computing
IS 310 Systems in Organizations
IS 320 Systems Design and Implementation
IS 350 International Information Systems
IS 391-392 Information Systems Internship
IS 395 Systems Project
IS 397-398 Seminar in Information Systems
IS 399 Independent Study in Information Systems
OM 101 Operations Management
OM 140 Project Management
OM 340 Service Operations
OM 345 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
OM 350 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

Arrows indicate prerequisite relationships