Charles F. Dolan Professional Development Series

The increasingly competitive business world demands a new kind of college graduate: one who is prepared to hit the ground running in a professional environment. Business requires students who have solid skills, exemplary communication and presentation abilities, critical thinking adeptness, and unwavering ethics.

The Dolan School of Business seeks to prepare our students for this world through the Professional Development Series (PDS), a comprehensive program designed to give DSB undergraduates a competitive edge in a challenging job market. The series consists of events and workshops designed to supplement a student's academic development throughout their four years at Fairfield and provide a structured forum for students to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and networking strategies to leverage their business education into a productive career. The programming associated with the series helps students to gain career-oriented skills, such as résumé-writing and interviewing techniques, while also helping them to focus and define their academic and career interests.

The program is optional, but highly encouraged for all business students.   Current students should log in to and visit the DSB PDS portal on orgsync to officially sign up and get the latest updates on events.


Students begin to explore their unique abilities and the tools they will need to succeed.  This includes discovering options related to majors/minors, study abroad, and other opportunities that will enhance their overall education while building skills like communication and time management. Students are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities and start thinking about resumes.  



Students develop the skills and documents they will need to succeed in the professional world including resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing.  Motivation to explore leadership roles and experiential learning opportunities is fostered. 

-        Sophomore Symposium

LEVEL 3: GAIN EXPERIENCEdsb_prof_career_night

Students gain experience through experiential learning and become leaders on campus and in the community.  Networking and conversations with alumni and other professionals is encouraged.  Students continue to develop interview skills and fine-tune resumes and other key documents. 

-        Internships

LEVEL 4: CONNECT AND EMBARKdsb_prof_etiquette

Students will now use the skills they have gained to focus on their post-graduation plans.  Programs focus on the transition from college to career.  Students will finalize their student-career portfolio and be recognized for their achievements while at Fairfield University. 

Professional Development Series 2014-15


Level 1
Career Exploration & Assessment
Level 2
Professional Skills Development
Level 3
Gain Experience
Level 4
Connect & Embark
Maximizing The Dolan School Of Business Experience

First Year Kick-Off Event
Sophomore Symposium I

Academic Programs and Co-Curricular Opportunities
DSB Career Night

Career Advice from Distinguished Alumni and Community Members
Business Etiquette Dinner

Gaining that Competitive Edge
Campus And Community Involvement Sophomore Symposium II

Career Preparation Panel
Experiential Learning

Internships, Service Learning, International Education
Organizing Your Job Search Graduate School Info Session
Communication & Social Media Etiquette Finding An Internship Workshop Career Fair

Fall and Spring
Career Fair

Fall and Spring
Resumes For First Year Students LinkedIn Profiles Resumes And Cover Letters For Professional Success Backpack To Briefcase

Transition to Career
Strengths Assessment Time Management Mock Interviews Leadership Experience Dean's Speaker Series Career Planning Workshops
Sophomore Success Dinner Series Networking Strategies Alumni Career Connections Networking Nights Alumni Job Shadow Program Final Resume Review
Study Abroad Fair Majors/Minors Fair Study Abroad 101 How I Found My Internship Panel Case Study Or Business Plan Competition Not-For-Profit Career Fair Awards And Recognition