Certificate Programs - Post Graduate Degree Certificates

The Dolan School's Certificate programs for Advanced Study (C.A.S.) provide opportunities for qualified professionals to enhance their competency and update their skills in the specialized areas of:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting for Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General management
  • Human resources management
  • Information systems/Operations management
  • Marketing
  • Taxation

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The 15-credit program is designed to provide a complete integration between the theory and practice of contemporary business. The C.A.S. programs are suitable for working professionals who have already earned a graduate degree, but whose responsibilities are currently or are expected to be in a particular specialty and desire greater depth of academic preparation in that subject area, or for individuals outside of the area who desire to understand multifunctional thinking in order to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Program Requirements

The program requires completion of the subject area's required course plus four additional elective courses, for a total of 15 credits in the area of specialization. All programs of study are planned with the help of the assistant director of graduate programs and consider the interests and goals of the participant.

Candidates for the certificate are to complete all requirements within three years of beginning their course work. They are expected to make some annual progress toward the certificate in order to remain in good standing. A candidate who elects to take a leave of absence must notify the dean in writing.

Grades and academic average computation are identical to those of the MBA and M.S. programs. Certificates are awarded to candidates who complete their programs with at least a 3.00 overall grade point average.


Course Offerings


Required Concentration Course

Contemporary Issues in Accounting

Elective Concentration Courses

International Business, Accounting, and Tax Issues 
Accounting for Governments, Hospitals, and Universities 
Topics in Managerial Accounting 
Accounting Information Systems and Technology 
Audit Issues in a Global Environment
Issues in Accounting Ethics 
Financial Statement Analysis 
Independent Study in Accounting

Accounting Information Systems

Required Concentration Course

Research on Contemporary Issues in Accounting
Process Improvement and Quality Management

Elective Concentration Courses (at least one must be an IS/OM course)

Accounting Information Systems and Technology
Issues in Internal Audit
Audit Issues in a Global Environment
Information Systems and Database Management
Project Management
Process Improvement and Quality Management


Entrepreneurship Concentration

Required Concentration Courses

Strategic Management of Innovation: The Entrepreneurial Firm 
Social Entrepreneurship

Elective Concentration Courses

Students must take one course from the General Management concentration


Required Concentration Courses

Corporate Finance 
Investment Analysis

Elective Concentration Courses

Capital Budgeting 
Financial Risk Management 
Portfolio Management 
International Financial Management 
Global Financial Markets and Institutions 
Derivative Securities and Financial Risk Management 
Fixed Income Securities 
Seminar: Contemporary Topics in Finance

General Management

Required Concentration Course

Managing People for Competitve Advantage

Elective Concentration Courses

Human Resource Strategies
Organizational Culture 
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation 
Management Communication, Power, and Influence 
Diversity in the Workplace 
Cross-Cultural Management 
International Business Law and Regulation 
Seminar: Contemporary Topics in Management and Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Required Concentration Course

Human Resource Strategies

Elective Concentration Courses

Employee Performance, Management and Reward 
Managing People for Global Business 
Law and Human Resource Management 
Labor Relations 
Seminar: Contemporary Topics in Human Resource Management

Information Systems & Operations Management

Required Concentration Courses

International Information Systems 
Project Management 
Contemporary Topics in Information Systems and Operations Management 
Independent Study in IS&OM 
Business Process Improvement 
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Elective Concentration Courses

One advanced graduate course from any business school department (i.e., any 500-level course not included in the MBA breadth courses.)

Students may also take approved courses selected from the School of Engineering's Master of Science in the Management of Technology Program.



Required Concentration Courses

Customer Behavior 
Market Research

Elective Concentration Courses

Building Brand Equity 
Advertising Management 
Global Marketing 
Business-to-Business Marketing in the Internet Economy 
Internet Marketing 
Seminar: Contemporary Topics in Marketing


Required Concentration Courses

Tax Planning

Elective Concentration Courses

Tax Research 
Tax Accounting 
Taxation of Property Transactions 
Corporate Income Taxation I 
Corporate Income Taxation II 
Estate and Gift Taxation 
Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates 
Partnership Taxation 
Taxation of Flow-Through Entities and Closely Held Businesses 
State and Local Taxation 
International Taxation 
Tax Implications of Deferred Compensation 
Tax Practice and Procedure

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