BEST Useful Financial/Business Websites

Business News Websites



PRNewswire: Industry & company sources including conference calls

The Economist

Business Week


For any back issues of magazines & newspapers (other than WSJ) use the library online resources - Lexis Nexis.

For newswires use Infotrac.

Investment Information - Analysis & Data

Very detailed items - can find which mutual funds hold particular stocks & how much (for example)

Multex's site is within Yahoo - good company overviews, comparisons & very good financial data

Futures contracts daily data from 1970s (free)

Bond Prices

Good site for rankings of corporations, energy production, etc.

Finance websites: tools

International & Historical Data

Historical data & international data - some free, most for a fee:
Global Financial Data

Lots of data - historical, etc., government data (unemployment, etc.) - market data is older (but you can get it more recent elsewhere

Government & Institutional Data

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

European Central Bank (EURO)

Megasites with Links to Many Other Sites

Ohio State site for finding just about anything financial w/search engine

Index of website with financial info

Other Sites of Interest

Excel add-in - stock ticker too (Java)

(If you find some other interesting sites please send URL to

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