Charles F. Dolan Professional Development Series

Illustrating the Charles F. Dolan School of Business' (DSB) strategic theme of enabling students to be career-ready, the DSB has developed the "Professional Development Series." The new series consists of events and workshops designed to supplement a student's academic development throughout their four years at Fairfield and provide a structured forum for students to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and networking strategies to leverage their business education into a productive career.

‌The series will provide students with a competitive edge entering the labor market and is aimed at enhancing the foundational learning students gain in the classroom by providing real-world career preparation. The programming associated with the series helps students to gain career-oriented skills, such as résumé-writing and interviewing techniques, while also helping them to focus and define their academic and career interests.

Events include:

Freshman Year Kick-Off
The Sophomore Symposium
Career Planning Workshops
"Competitive Edge" Etiquette Dinner and Seminar
"Career Night" sponsored by the DB Advisory Council
The Sophomore Symposium
Executive Mentor Program