Office of Service Learning

2015-16 Service Learning Course Offerings

Spring 2016

Number Title Professor Service Learning Description

AC 344^

Individual Taxation: Socioeconomic Applications


Students prepare income tax returns for taxpayers eligible for free tax return preparation service through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program of the IRS. SerL

BI 318 BI 318L

Vertebrate Zoology Vertebrate Zoology Lab Byun Students will be involved in various research projects at the Connecticut Beardsley Zoo. SerL Option
BI 319 Field Experiences in Brazil Byun Biology students engage in real research in a field setting, which includes the Atlantic Rainforest and coastal regions of Brazil. Students work with a non-profit conservation group, Projeto Tamar, to help them fulfill their mission of education, research and conservation. SerL, ISL
CO 242 (2 sections)  Alcohol, Addiction, and Culture Wills Students engaged service with local high school students, working together to strategize ways to talk about alcohol use and alcoholism and develop action plans that can help us all involved think, talk, and act with our own health and the health of our community in mind. SerL
CO 341* End of Life Communication Pagano Students engage an applied approach to the study of end-of-life health communication, providing service to community members who are terminally ill. SerL
EC 185+ Regional Economic Development LeClair Students work with local organizations to conduct community research on issues such economic development and impact. SerL
EC 225 Environmental Economics Franceschi

Students study the underlying theories and constructs that shape environmental policy. They apply the theory and tools learned in class to real world issues in partnership with a community organization focused on environmental concerns. SerL

ED 200 A ^  Explorations in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Schooling Storms Students discover how education is accomplished in schools through the social construction of teaching and learning by serving with a high needs school. SerL
ED 200 B ^ Explorations in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Schooling Calderwood

Students discover how education is accomplished in schools through the social construction of teaching and learning by serving with a high needs school. SerL

ED 329* Philosophy of Education-Introduction Crandall

Students work with teachers, administrators, and students at Barnum Elementary School to develop and provide an ‘educational service.’ SerL

ED 369/459 Developmental Reading Crandall With an intentional design for readings, content, research, and experience, students enrolled in ED 369/459 will have more opportunities to learn from the young people they will one day teach. This course asks Fairfield students to learn from the young people at Bassick High School as experts of their own literacy practices. SerL
EN/W 290 Writing and Responding Boquet While working with poetry-in-community projects, students will learn about literacy sponsorship, the function of writing centers, and will develop skills responding to writers in a variety of local contexts. SerL Option
EN/W 339^ Grant and Proposal Writing Sobocinski  Students will write grants for several local non-profits to support the growth and development of the organization’s programs in line with its mission. SerL
HI 256* Introduction to Public History Bucki Students will work with community partners such as the Fairfield Museum and History Center, the Bridgeport Public Library Historical Collections, and the Barnum Museum, by contributing historical research, designing exhibitions, and preparing curriculum lesson plans. SerL
IS 240 Systems Analysis and Logical Design Vinekar Students learn systems analysis skills through work on live projects and interaction with clients that serve the public good. Students conduct requirements elicitation, as well as several diagramming techniques to analyze the system to be built. SerL
NS 112^ Health Delivery Systems Planas

Students work with local organizations to create and implement health education initiatives. SerL Option

NS 323* Nursing of Children and Family Roney Students will spend 10 hours conducting a health education intervention with preschool age children. Programs will center on lead education and healthy nutrition & exercise. SerL
NS 330~ Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing Mager Students will work with their community partners to establish sustainable, evidence-based interventions to address the identified health concern in a geographic area or population. Students will have the option to travel to Nicaragua over spring break to engage in a public health service-learning experience. SerL ISL
PO 138*~ Border Politics Leatherman Through work with local community organizations that serve immigrant populations, students will learn about the experiences of individuals directly impacted by border politics. SerL
PY 212^ Developmental Psychology for Majors with lab Primavera Students work with the Adrienne Kirby Family Literacy Project, doing literacy work and mentoring. SerL
SO 112*^ American Society Schlichting Students complete service learning projects -- focused on issues such as economic development, hunger, homelessness -- with community partners. SerL
SP 211* Intermediate Spanish II Morriberon Students will tutor English as Second Language students, practice with native speakers and learn about culture through hands-on experience. Students will also have the opportunity to travel to Managua, Nicaragua during Spring Break for an immersive experience in language and culture. SerL, ISL
SW 550/551 Capstone Project Course II Yoo Students work on a software related service project – from developing organization management software tools to setting up wireless network – for and with the community. SerL Option

SerL = all students in the course are required to participate in service learning
SerL Option = students have a choice to participate in service learning as a final project and/or in lieu of another comparable project.

*Core Course
^ US Diversity Course

+ Living & Learning Community Course
~ World Diversity Course


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