Impact India 2021: Elevating the Value of Women and Girls in Society

cfpl_impact_india_logoThe 2011 National Census in India revealed an alarming sex ratio imbalance between girls and boys-approximately 840 girls to every 1,000 boys in metropolitan locations, which is impeding economic growth, and resulting in social and political tensions that are leading to inexcusable violence against women.

Impact India 2021: Elevating the Value of Women and Girls in Society is an extraordinary research project that seeks to identify the contributing causes of the sex ratio imbalance crisis. The investigation is spearheaded by the Center for Faith and Public Life in collaboration with eight academic institutions and a host of community-based organizations throughout India and seeks to validate the findings of a successful 10-month pilot study.‌

In Phase II of the project, Fairfield University’s Dr. Gita Rajan will lead an interdisciplinary research team of faculty in India to examine 36,000 new families located in the diverse and large metropolitan cities indicated on the map. 

The 3-year, $2.3 million investigation will generate vital new evidence-based innovative research on familial attitudes about educational opportunities for girls and employment for women that maps a path to social change that will be discernible in the National Indian Census of 2021. 

For more Information, please contact:

Gita Rajan, Ph.D.
Project Director, Impact India 2021
Professor, Department of English
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Faith & Public Life
Faculty, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Global Social Justice
Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT 06824
203 254 4000 ext. 2508