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Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network (JUHAN) Students


NEW! Five Day UN Security Council Crisis Simulation Course


 PO127/IL 197

 United Nations Security CouncilCrisis Simulation:

 Protection of Civilians

 MAY 20 – 22, 26, and 27, 2015

The course will focus on the protection of civilians and will include a trip to the UN and briefings from:

  • Loraine Sievers, former Chief of the UN Security Council Secretariat Branch
  • Aurélie Proust, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping
  • Dale Buscher, Women’s Refugee Commission
  • Stéphane Bonamy, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Gary Shayes, Senior Director, Humanitarian Operations, Save the Children
  • Father Richard Ryscavage, Director, Center for Faith and Public Life, Fairfield University, Children and Crisis Migration

Instructor: Dr. Janie Leatherman, Professor of Politics, International Studies



Course meets World Diversity Core requirement , JUHAN Designated



JUHAN seeks to advance undergraduate humanitarian education and the professional field of humanitarian action through dynamic student groups, academic coursework, and national conferences.


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JUHAN Student Group
Interested in how you can take action during a humanitarian crisis? The JUHAN student group meets every other week in Canisius 200. The student group hosts programs throughout the year focused on humanitarian action and coordinates student responses to humanitarian crises as they occur, such as Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and the 2011 tornados in Joplin, Missouri. Join our Facebook group to keep up with our events!

Sign up for this year’s alternative spring break trip by returning this form to CNS 200 or

The JUHAN Student Leadership Team continued to be a dynamic presence on campus.  Here are the highlights of what JUHAN students accomplished in 2013-2014:

  • Fairfield led the JUHAN network in declaring a Day of Solidarity and Fundraising for the Philippines in November following Typhoon Haiyan.  At Fairfield, JUHAN raised over $5,000 which was donated to our Ateneo University’s response team in the Philippines our JUHAN partner. 
  • Students worked to educate the campus on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, first through a panel discussion in the fall and hosting an informational refugee “tent” on campus in the spring.  Funds were raised to benefit Save the Children’s Syrian Children’s Fund.
  • Students also advocated and fundraised for clean water initiatives in the developing world focusing this year’s efforts on raising enough money to send three bio-sand filters to the Dominican Republic.
  • JUHAN sponsored a Fairfield University / Habitat for Humanity “Build Day” in Bridgeport in the springs. Builds will continue with a dedicated group of JUHAN students taking the lead.
  • A third annual JUHAN sponsored alternative spring break trip was organized with by group of 11 students who traveled to Georgia to work with refugees in the Atlanta area with the International Rescue Committee. 
  • The JUHAN group also hosted a Red Cross training each semester.  Participating students and staff members are now certified to act as first responders in emergency shelter care for the Southern Connecticut region in the event of another major weather event or natural disaster and to help with psycho-social care of victims of disasters.

All are welcome to be a part of JUHAN. Contact Julie Mughal for more information about joining this dynamic group and a schedule of meetings.

JUHAN Courses



One of JUHAN's goals is to educate undergraduate students in sophisticated and effective responses to humanitarian crises which can help prepare students for professional careers in humanitarian action. Several courses each semester are designated as JUHAN courses, meaning they have a specific focus on humanitarian crises and action. Keep an eye out for JUHAN-designated courses in the course booklet!


Fall 2014 JUHAN-Designated Courses: Fairfield University offers JUHAN-designated courses to help students with an interest in humanitarian issues identify courses pertaining to this topic of study. In the fall 2014, the following courses will be offered: 

 Course                  Title                                                                Professor

EN 11                    Texts and Contexts                                         Rajan

EN113                   Literature of the Holocaust                             Ostrow

EN161                   Irish Literature                                                Pearson

EN283                   Films& Novels Asian Diaspora                         Rajan

HI274/IL260         Hist Persp Contemporary Global Crises           McFadden

HI280                   The West and the Middle East                         Marsans-Sakly

IL51/PO130          Int’l Relations: Theories &Challenges              Leatherman

IL 150                   Int’l Operations of Non-Profits                         Poli

IL151/PO136       Gender, War and Peace                                    Leatherman

SO191                  Social Change in Developing Nations               Ramlal-Nankoe

TA110A                 World Theatre: 1800 to Tomorrow                   LoMonaco


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Students interested in JUHAN might also have an interest in careers working in government, non-profits, or humanitarian organizations. To help you prepare for such careers, we have compiled a list of JUHAN-related internships offered during the academic year, summers, or post-graduation. Information regarding affordable summer housing options at various universities is included. Summer housing opportunities fill up fast, so the sooner you submit an application to the respective universities, the more likely that you will be accepted.

Please contact Karen Parkinson if you would like a copy of this list. If you plan to apply to one or more of these internships, please let us contact the Center so to that we can maintain a current record of student internship involvement as well as provide a supporting connection for you and the agency.

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First Year Experience (FYE)

Every fall, incoming freshman must enroll in a First Year Experience (FYE) course. Since 2012, freshmen have had the opportunity to choose a JUHAN/humanitarian-themed FYE course. The course integrates humanitarian topics into the first year curriculum, including discussions the Millennium Development Goals, our environmental footprint and sessions run by humanitarian practitioners such as Charlie MacCormack, former president and CEO of Save the Children and CFPL Advisory Board member. The course is facilitated by Julie Mughal, assistant director of the Center for Faith and Public Life, and a New Student Leader (NSL). If you are an incoming freshman and are interested in being part of the JUHAN FYE, please contact Julie Mughal.

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Student Profiles


Maria Clinton '13: An Unforgettable Journey and Time of Growth
Recipient of the JUHAN Global Citizenship Award 2013

JUHAN has been an integral part of my college career at Fairfield University. Its mission to help respond to humanitarian crises as a collective body of men and women for others is a visible principle that inspires all students who are a part of its community. Being a part of JUHAN has afforded me so many valuable opportunities that have developed me into a socially conscious individual. My introduction to the group began the spring semester of my freshman year when I took a JUHAN Human Rights course.

As this course established my understanding of the humanitarian sector, it was during this time that I was also encouraged to apply to attend the JUHAN International Conference at Georgetown University during the summer of 2010. The conference was a life changing experience and served as the impetus for my involvement with JUHAN. The peers and faculty surrounding me who were passionate about the global community, the preservation of dignity for all, and the commitment to respond to humanitarian crises inspired me. Ultimately, a fire was lit inside my heart, which prompted a call to action regarding the mission of JUHAN and humanitarian work in general.

Since becoming involved in the JUHAN student group and with the guidance and direction of faculty and staff, I have been able to create Stand For, a student-run news program that is dedicated to spreading awareness about “forgotten” humanitarian crises which do not receive mainstream coverage in the media. Stand For encompasses a group of dedicated and creative students that have participated in the creation of our first pilot project, Stand For: Pakistan, as well as our current news shows that highlight students’ on-campus initiatives centered around humanitarian and social justice projects. Overall, through team building and projects that reach out to the University community, I have learned how to put the Jesuit ideals into action. I know that any student beginning their work in the JUHAN community will embark on an unforgettable journey with their peers to better become men and women for others.


Sharon Pedrosa '13
Recipient of the 2013 Martin Luther King Vision Award

Throughout my time at Fairfield University, JUHAN quickly became a part of who I am. It allowed me to participate in projects and events that I didn’t deem possible to be a part of at such a young age. I was exposed to a variety of opportunities that shaped me into the person I am today.

My first exposure to JUHAN was through a service-learning course entitled International Operations of Non-Profits. Through this course, I was fortunate enough to become a member of an eclectic group of people that work with the non-profit organization, Montage Initiative. I started out as an intern and one year later I was speaking on their behalf at the United Nations NGO Committee on the Status of Women Conference alongside a group of people I admired.

With this experience, I have been able to speak to my peers about my experiences, ensuring them that no dream is too small. With JUHAN, I have been able to answer the main questions asked at Fairfield  “Who am I, and who am I called to be?”

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Alumni Network

The Alumni Group for JUHAN is a venue for students and faculty who have been involved in JUHAN activities to keep in touch, share experiences and opportunities, and discuss humanitarian issues. Become part of the group.