Preparing Global Citizens

Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network - Faculty

The principal focus of JUHAN is undergraduate education, broadly defined to include traditional academic curricula as well as less formal learning through conferences, workshops, and service to the community. JUHAN also provides an opportunity for faculty and staff at Jesuit universities to collaborate on research programs and curriculum development.

Fairfield University offers JUHAN-designated courses in order to:

  • ‌Help students with an interest in humanitarian issues identify courses pertaining to this topic of study
  • Connect faculty to the professional development and course development resources available through JUHAN
  • Connect faculty with peers at Fairfield University and across the AJCU JUHAN network interested in teaching and scholarship related to humanitarian issues
  • Advance efforts to assess the impact of JUHAN courses on student learning and development, and on institutional change

Faculty interested in designating a JUHAN course should contact Julie Mughal at (203) 254-4000 ext. 3505. The Call for Courses for spring 2014 will be announced early in the fall 2013 semester.

Resources for faculty:

Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

Under the Teagle Foundation-funded grant, the Center for Faith and Public Life in collaboration with Fairfield University’s Center for Academic Excellence will be running Faculty Learning Communities each semester over the next three years starting in Fall 2013. The goal of the FLCs is to establish a community of scholars comprised of a core group of faculty and administrators which will equip students to engage in JUHAN and to explore great questions through a JUHAN lens. The FLCs will be comprised of up to seven faculty drawn from Fairfield’s five schools. These FLCs will work to design JUHAN-designated courses and to use these courses as platforms to explore "enduring questions" related to Jesuit values as well as to moral and civic development.

Each member of the FLC will:

  1. Develop a course into a new JUHAN-designated course, or re-designed course.

  2. Share ideas and explore innovative ways of providing students with a rich JUHAN experience through different teaching and learning experiences and activities.

  3. Promote the exploration of great/enduring questions through JUHAN. Examine Fairfield University’s Core in relation to the big questions that emerge.

  4. Provide mutual support in developing and teaching JUHAN-designated courses and the use of JUHAN as a platform to explore great/enduring questions.

Fall 2014 Faculty Learning Community:

Facilitator: Kathy Nantz, Ph.D, Professor of Economics, College of Arts & Sciences


  • Anna- Maria Aksan, Assistant Professor of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Bryan Crandall, Assistant Professor of English, Director of CT Writing Project, Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions
  • Cheryl Tromley, Professor of Management, Charles F. Dolan School of Business
  • Jessica Planas, Assistant Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing
  • Ryan Munden, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering
  • Silvia Marsans-Sakly, Assistant Professor of History, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Vishnu Vineka. rAssistant Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management, Charles F. Dolan School of Business


The Fall 2013 FLC, led by Dr. Laurence Miners, professor of economics and a long-standing JUHAN professor, was comprised of:  Dr. Catherine Sumpio (School of Nursing); Dr. Patricia Poli (School of Business); Drs. Cinthia Gannett, Margo Ramlal-Nankoe and David McFadden (School of Arts and Sciences); and Dr. Shannon Reckinger (School of Engineering).  Julie Mughal, Associate Director of the Center for Faith and Public Life and JUHAN Coordinator, and the Teagle graduate assistant, also participated in the Fall and Spring FLCs.

 The Spring 2014 FLC, led by Dr. Kathy Nantz, professor of economics, who has previously facilitated FLCs related to JUHAN, was comprised of returning participants Dr. Catherine Sumpio and Dr. Shannon Reckinger as well as Dr. Silvia Marsans-Sakly, professor of history, School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Cheryl Tromley, professor of management, Dolan School of Business, and Dr. Suzanna Klaf, director, CAE and professor of international studies. 

If you are interested in joining a future FLC, please contact Julie Mughal.