Certificate in Interior Decorating course descriptions

IN 110 - Interior Design I
Develop the judgment and skill needed to conceive and execute a successful residential interior design project. Through weekly design problems, students integrate aesthetics and function. Students experience the issues and difficulties a professional must face, learning the appropriate steps from client interview to presenting a complete design solution. 12 sessions

IN 107 - Color Design
Develop proficiency in discerning basic color differences and visualizing color application. Students learn color mixing and identification, color scheme planning, pattern and scale. 12 sessions

IN 113 - History of Furniture I
Examines the major styles of furniture from Egyptian through the Renaissance and Baroque (15th-17th centuries) to the Rococo and Neoclassic periods (early 19th century). Examples will be drawn mainly from Italy, France, England, and Germany, with emphasis on mastering the specific features of each style and on understanding the ideas that influenced the furnishings in each era. 12 sessions

IN 114 - History of Furniture II
American furniture from 1650-1830 and its relationship to English prototypes. The course covers Victorian furniture styles through contemporary trends in both the U.S. and in Europe. Emphasis is on learning the characteristics of each period as well as a discussion of the materials culture of the time. 12 sessions

IN 111 - Textiles for Interiors
A survey of textile manufacture from fiber to finished fabric with emphasis on the textile's attributes for determining quality and usage. The student is introduced to construction methods, dyeing, printing, and finishing processes with discussion of various applications. 8 sessions

IN 221 - Business of Interior Design
Each session is conducted by a different practicing interior designer who will share his or her experiences in developing a business and dealing with the many practical issues related to the interior design profession. 6 sessions

IN 119 - Drawing & Presentation (optional)
An introduction to drafting techniques for the preparation of architectural interior drawings emphasizing drafting and detailing room plans, elevations and sections. Course covers drafting for architectural purposes, drawing for client presentation, techniques of presentation, and board mounting. A final project with finished floor plans, elevations, and sample boards is required. 12 sessions

IN 112 - Guided Tour of D&D Building in New York City
This one day tour is an opportunity to become acquainted with the vast array of materials available to the interior designer. Participants meet at the D&D Building in Manhattan.