Health Scholars 2013-2015

The undergraduate team of Health Studies Scholars, Kaitlin Krauss and Sarah Birney at Gerontological Society of America (GSA).

The Presence of Cognitively Enriched Environments for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia
Kaitlyn Krauss, Sarah Birney, and Drs. Linda Henkel & Alison Kris
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What Are the Functions and Value of Reminiscence for Nursing Home Residents?
Sarah Birney, Kaitlyn Krauss, Emily Peters, Monique Goguen, & Drs. Alison Kris and Linda Henkel
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Coffee Farm Workers at Santa Maura
Sarah Hespe, Lia Iacuone, Sarah Roghanian, Megan Commarota, Danyella Hernandez, Patty Adams, Molly Moran and Professors Jessica Alicea-Planas, Lydia Greiner, and Philip Greiner
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"MR. LEAD SPOT - An Evaluation of a Lead Poisoning Prevention Education Program among Preschool Children
Jennifer Delsole, Dr. Eileen O'Shea, Tess Deshefy-Longhi

Nutritional Sciences at Fairfield University
Drs. Catherine Andersen and Jacqueline Vernareli
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Laboratory of Molectular and Clinical Nutrition
Dr. Catherine Andersen
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Factors associated with dating violence and childhood abuse in college students
Megan Parmenter, Katelyn Parisi, and Dr. Margaret McClure
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Syntheses, X-ray crystallographic, spectroscopic and electrochemical characterizations of three and five coordinate SNS copper(I) and (II) complexes: Effect of pincer ligand on coordination geometry
Dr. John Miecznikowski, Christine Villa, Nicholas Bernier, Margaret Siu, Camile Gomes, Kilee Bayne. 
Fairfield University, Keene State College, Boston College, California State Polytechnic University Pomona, and Boston University
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Syntheses and NMR characterizations of tridentate pincer SNS ligand precursors using microwave reaction conditions
Dr. John Miecznikowski, Margaret Siu, and Nicholas Bernier, Camile Gomes
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Biophotonic Cancer Research: A Physicist's Approach
Michael Reilly, Benjamin Maloney, Guichen Tang, and Dr. Min Xu
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Laboratory of Human Nutrition and Population Health
Dr. Jacqueline Vernarelli
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